These are the rarest job skills for IT in South Africa right now

Programmers are the in-demand professionals for 2019 according to jobs specialist Adzuna.

However, the jobs aggregator found that there appears to be a drop in the demand for ‘data’ vacancies across the board.

Not only has the demand for skills like PHP development dropped in late February 2019, but salaries are reflecting a very sluggish growth rate, despite the ever-increasing cost of living.

Positions for data analysts and data architects are down by 11% compared to similar data for May 2018.

“This doesn’t indicate that there is a decreased need for these skills. It might just be indicative of the fact that companies have begun upskilling their internal talent pools or that they have turned to outsourcing,” said Adzuna SA country manager, Jesse Green.

2018’s rarest job skill no longer in high demand

While positions like java developer and net developer have seen a significant drop in demand for hiring managers, the only impressive increase is for the title of ‘developer’.

Adzuna recorded an upswing of roughly 55% in demand for this IT-based skill. It said that companies are turning their attention away from recruiting specialised talent, and instead, focusing on talent that can tackle a broader range of data and IT challenges.

“Companies might be placing adverts for these skills, but since there are just about 188 searches every month that correlate within the industry, it indicates that there is a very low supply of skills in SA.

“Perhaps this is the reason why salaries have generally stagnated as far as developer skills are concerned, with a mere R30,000 increase in the average IT salary year-on-year,” said Green.

Firms in South Africa require higher levels of skill to form the solutions they require, but when this is implemented, it is evident that companies still tend to focus on lower-paid positions to fill the maintenance teams that are responsible for data solutions, he said.

Rarest job skills for IT in 2019

Although there has been a significant drop in the demand for rare skills like Java development and net development, there are a number of IT positions and skills that are in high demand in 2019.

The most significant increase in demand came from the title (skill) of ‘developer’, which saw a rise in rareness of 54.6% and an average salary increase of R15,538 per year.

Salaries that showed the best improvement year on year were those of Java developers and software developers, with an average increase of R45,000 per year, Adzuna said.

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These are the rarest job skills for IT in South Africa right now