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How to stand out in your job interview

How to stand out in your job interview

A job interview can be stressful, but even if you manage to be the perfect candidate, often you are one of many who check all the right boxes – so how do you stand out?

BusinessTech spoke to a recruitment expert who gave a few tips on how to stand out in an interview, and leave a lasting impression.

Underpinning everything is confidence – a tough ask in a situation where you feel vulnerable and on the spot.

To gain confidence, you will need to have done your homework and come prepared. Preparation is fundamental. From there, it’s sticking to what you know, and being able to show the interviewer that you can learn much more.

Our expert has provided these 10 tips on how to make sure you stand out in a job interview.

  • Dress professionally and be on time!
  • Greet with a firm handshake and make regular eye contact (but not a creepy amount – just be naturally attentive).
  • Stay calm and collected – pay attention and listen clearly to the questions.
  • Think before you answer a question and be precise in your answer. It’s better to sit in silence and think, than it is to continuously talk while saying nothing.
  • Speak slowly with confidence and clarity.
  • Be honest, be you! Your personality is what will linger after you’re gone.
  • Instead of focusing on what you want from the company, rather focus on what you can bring to the company in terms of skills, knowledge, etc.
  • Refrain from initiating negative conversations about your previous employer. If you bad-mouth your old boss,  you will make an impression – but not a positive one.
  • You’re allowed to say:  “I am not sure, I’ll get back to you
  • Lastly…..breathe and relax! The interviewer isn’t out to get you – and stressing and over-thinking can easily leave you undone.

It goes without saying, but all of these tips go hand-in-hand with all the other preparation you would need to do for the interview.

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  • Grové Erasmus

    There is a podcast series that has been running since Feb 2006 and I recommened for ANYONE working for a salary //
    Onmisbaar vir enige iemand wat vir baas werk.

    I used the advice and it WORKED.

  • Jacobus Pienaars

    Roll a bottle of brandy under the table to the poeste interviewing you. Or flash an ANC membership card.

  • BrS

    What does dress professionally mean?

    • NeonPigeon

      think about it…

  • Roy Batty


  • The BOSS

    Confident well spoken people tend to make the worst employees in my experience.

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