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The quality of South Africa’s healthcare vs the world

The quality of South Africa’s healthcare vs the world

South Africa’s healthcare has ranked 119 out of 195 countries in the world, according to the latest Lancet Healthcare Access and Quality Index.

According to the health group, health “quality” can be approximated by measuring mortality rates from causes that should not be fatal in the presence of effective medical care.

The ranking was compiled by looking at these mortality rates; how healthcare is spread across a population; the cost of that healthcare per capita; and health interventions across 11 universal categories.

The number of healthcare professionals spread across the population was also considered, Lancet said.

On a global scale, healthcare across the world has improved over the past 25 years, with nearly all countries and territories covered by the report showing an increase in their HAQ index values.

With a score of 52, South Africa ranked 119th, along with the Philippines, above Gabon and Botswana, and below Namibia.

South Africa’s strongest healthcare features were covering Diphtheria, Tetanus, Uterine cancer and Upper respiratory infections – which all scored above 90 on the index.

However, the country lagged behind in areas such as Tuberculosis, Lower respiratory infections and Non-melanoma skin cancer, which all scored below 25 on the index.

The former two categories are closely linked to problems with HIV, which was not covered on the index.

Healthcare in South Africa has improved greatly, however, with the Lancet report showing that the country’s HAQ score has increased 6.4 points since 1990, where it was 45.6.

There are the top and bottom 15 countries for healthcare, according to Lancet’s report.

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  • Cheesy 3.0

    The usual suspects on top … and the usual suspects at the bottom too

    • Rixxi

      Motsoaledi should study these figures – and think again.

  • keithbe

    Not much higher than the bottom 15

  • RodneyVikens

    “Healthcare in South Africa had improved”
    More like the criminals have become stronger. As with all other public ‘services’, Healthcare is the worst it has ever been. If I could I would have posted some local pics.

  • Blesbok

    The healthcare in Thailand is far superior to that of South Africa. Their government hospitals are near to our private hospital here in South Africa.

  • newsens

    They are mixing chicken-salad with chicken-shit and expecting to get a meaningful answer.

  • Ton Sils

    I didn’t know we had public healthcare in SA.

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