No, Peppermint Crisp isn’t being discontinued

Nestlé South Africa says it has no plans to discontinue its Peppermint Crisp chocolate bar – following social media panic over the claim.

A small group of Twitter users got into a fluster on Friday morning after an unsourced claim that the popular South African confectionery item would be “discontinued nationally”.

However, Nestlé South Africa, which owns the brand, said that no such plan exists.

Instead, the group said that the 130g bag of the chocolate has been discontinued – which may have caused the confusion.

“It is still available in 49g and 150g bags – the only bag that was discontinued was the 130g,” Nestlé said.

Peppermint Crisps are unique to South Africa, with the chocolate bar currently not being sold in any of the group’s other markets  globally.

While it’s not Nestlé’s top selling chocolate bar in the country, the Peppermint Crisp is still a popular choice for many South Africans and is the main ingredient for one of the country’s most popular desserts – the Peppermint Crisp tart.

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No, Peppermint Crisp isn’t being discontinued