Where the super rich spend their time in South Africa

 ·7 Jan 2023

South Africa has numerous holiday destinations and attractions frequented by centi-millionaires – individuals that boast $100 million or more in investable assets.

This is according to a report by Henley & Partners and New World Health, which reviewed the top holiday destinations for centi-millionaires globally.

The report argues that centi-millionaires represent a true reflection of the “super-wealthy” in developing nations, as there are very few billionaires.

South Africa only has five billionaires, but 92 centi-millionaires – the 27th highest number of centi-millionaires in the world. At the same time, Kenya has no billionaires but 14 centi-millionaires.

There are 25,490 centi-millionaires worldwide, and most are white males over 55 years old from the US and Europe.

Since 2015, New World Wealth has been tracking the movements and spending habits of the world’s centi-millionaires and has thus determined the most popular holiday destinations for the “super-wealthy.”

A previous report from New World Wealth noted 2,500+ centi-millionaires regularly visit Africa for holidays. Luxury tourism remains one of the continent’s most important sectors, as it brings in a lot of forex. South Africa remains Africa’s leading luxury tourist destination.

The most popular holiday destinations for the uber-wealthy in South Africa include opulent hotels, wildlife safaris, and luxury trains.

The Oyster Box

  • Location: Umhlanga, Durban
  • Most expensive room: Presidential Suite
  • Cost: R80,000 a night

Singita Ebony Lodge

  • Location: Sabi Sand, Mpumalanga.
  • Most expensive room: Family Suite
  • Cost: R103,543 to R121,188 a night


  • Location: Skukuza, Mpumalanga.
  • Most expensive room: Private Granite Suite
  • Cost: R 33,950 to R46,813 a night

The Blue Train:

  • Journey: Pretoria to Cape Town
  • Most expensive room: Luxury Suite
  • Cost: R32,985 to R60,465 

Rovos Rail:

  • Journey: Numerous
  • Most expensive suite: Royal Suite for the Cape Town to Dar es Saleem journey.
  • Cost: R396,838 (US$23,600)

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