These are the car brands South Africans are looking to sell and keep

Online comparison tool True Price has released new data on the cars South Africans are most looking to sell.

Launched at the start of June, the website received 10,531 requests for vehicle evaluations within the company’s first month of trading. Of these, Volkswagen, Toyota and BMW vehicles represented a total of 35.15% of all enquiries.

According to Darryl Jacobson, managing director of True Price, there were a number of suprises contained within the website’s analytics.

“Based on vehicle sales, we expected Ford to be slightly higher and Nissan to be much higher.

“However, it appears that owners of these vehicles are not currently wanting to sell them. I can only assume that owners of these vehicles are extremely happy with their choice of wheels,” he said.

He added that the fact that certain manufacturers did not feature highly on the list indicated that South African motorists are more fond of certain brands, despite the sales data.

“I was surprised to see Renault and Isuzu not coming in the top 10. I thought that Suzuki and Mazda could have also made the top 10, based on the popularity of these vehicles. However it appears that owners of these vehicles are also not eager to dispose of them. (Presumably) because they are perfectly happy with their vehicles.” said Jacobson.

The rankings for June were as follows:

Ranking Brand Percentage of sale evaluations
1 Volkswagen 15.21%
2 Toyota 10.27%
3 BMW 9.67%
4 Ford 7.96%
5 Mercedes-Benz 6.99%
6 Audi 6.09%
7 Hyundai 5.37%
8 Nissan 4.06%
9 Honda 3.55%
10 Kia 3.24%

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