How much it costs to drive South Africa’s most popular cars right now

 ·4 Jan 2023

South Africans are benefitting significantly from lower prices for petrol and diesel this month – making it cheaper to fill up their daily drivers.

From Wednesday, 4 January, motorists will see petrol prices drop by R2.06 per litre, now spending R21.40 for a litre of 95 unleaded petrol inland and R20.75 when at the coast. Diesel drivers will also see a drop at R2.81 taking the price per litre to R21.47.

According to the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy, the decrease in fuel prices is due to the decrease in the cost of Brent Crude Oil. The decrease in fuel prices also comes amid concerns about a potential global recession, which may cause oil prices to continue declining.

This decrease follows periods of increases putting more pressure on cash-strapped consumers. The drop can be attributed to a fall in the price of crude oil on the global market and the South African rand strengthening against the US dollar.

The decrease in petrol prices is welcomed by South African consumers, as petrol is a significant expense for many households and businesses. It is, however, worth noting that petrol prices can be subject to fluctuations and may rise again in the future.

Inland December Official January Official
93 Petrol R23.16 R21.10
95 Petrol R23.46 R21.40
0.05% diesel (wholesale) R23.92 R21.23
0.005% diesel (wholesale) R24.23 R21.42
Illuminating Paraffin R17.19 R15.26

The table below breakdown how much you would spend filling up on popular tank sizes:

Tank size 93 unleaded 95 unleaded 0.05% diesel 0.005% diesel
45 litres R949.50 R963.00 R955.35 R963.90
60 litres R1 266.00 R1 284.00 R1 273.80 R1 285.20
80 litres R1 688.00 R1 712.00 R1 698.40 R 1 713.60

BusinessTech research analysing sales figures from the National Automobile Association of South Africa (Naamsa) found that the following cars were the most popular in 2022 (Note: All figures referenced refer to the number of units sold over the year):

  • Toyota Hilux – 29,647
  • VW Polo Vivo – 19,445
  • Toyota Urban Cruiser – 126,047
  • Isuzu D-max – 15,879
  • Ford Ranger – 15,837
  • Suzuki Swift – 15,277
  • VW Polo – 14,332
  • Toyota Corolla Cross – 14,021
  • Nissan NP200 – 12,141
  • Toyota Starlet – 11,885

It is difficult to accurately predict how much fuel a vehicle will use due to variables such as traffic and road conditions. However, it is possible to get a rough estimate of the effect of gasoline prices on a vehicle’s fuel consumption using manufacturer estimates.

BusinessTech looked at what it costs to fill up and drive 100km in the country’s most popular cars right now:

1. Toyota Hilux – R313,300

  • Fuel consumption: 7.1L/100km
  • Cost per 100km: R152/100km
  • Cost to fill up: R1,713 (80 litres)
  • Petrol type: Diesel

2. VW Polo Vivo –  R243,600

  • Fuel consumption: 5.7L/100km
  • Cost of 100km: R120/100km
  • Cost to fill up: R963.00 (45 litres)
  • Petrol type: 95 unleaded petrol

3. Toyota Urban Cruiser – R280,400

  • Fuel consumption: 6.2L/100km
  • Cost of 100km: R132/100km
  • Cost to fill up: R1,027 (48 litres)
  • Petrol type: 95 unleaded petrol

4. Isuzu D-max – R340,000

  • Fuel consumption: 7.3L/100km
  • Cost of 100km: R156/100km
  • Cost to fill up: R1,713 (80 litres)
  • Petrol type: Diesel

5. Ford Ranger – R349,390

  • Fuel consumption: 6.5L/100km
  • Cost of 100km: R139/100km
  • Cost to fill up: R1,713 (80 litres)
  • Petrol type: Diesel

6. Suzuki Swift – R194,900

  • Fuel consumption: 4.9L/100km
  • Cost of 100km: R104/100km
  • Cost to fill up: R791 (37 litres)
  • Petrol type: 95 unleaded

7. VW Polo – R329,300

  • Fuel consumption: 5.3L/100km
  • Cost of 100km: R113/100km
  • Cost to fill up: R963 (45 litres)
  • Petrol type: 95 unleaded petrol

8. Toyota Corolla Cross – R360,400

  • Fuel consumption: 6.8L/100km
  • Cost of 100km: R145/100km
  • Cost to fill up: R1,005 (47 litres)
  • Petrol type: 95 unleaded petrol

9. Nissan NP200 – R212,500

  • Fuel consumption: 8.1L/100km
  • Cost of 100km: R173/100km
  • Cost to fill up: R1,070 (50 litres)
  • Petrol type: 95 unleaded petrol or diesel

10. Toyota Starlet – R226,200

  • Fuel consumption: 5.4L/100km
  • Cost of 100km: R115/100km
  • Cost to fill up: R856 (40 litres)
  • Petrol type: 95 unleaded petrol

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