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This is how many e-toll accounts are still outstanding

This is how many e-toll accounts are still outstanding

South African National Roads Agency (Sanral) faces a massive battle to get more Gauteng road users to pay for e-tolls as the latest figures show that the company has millions of outstanding accounts.

E-toll collection has been a massive headache for Sanral, which has consistently missed collection targets over the past few years. The roads agency started issuing legal letters to road users who were not paying, in February.

Outstanding e-toll debt is now estimated at around R8 billion – and climbing.

According to a report by Moneyweb, currently more than 2.9 million e-toll accounts are in arrears. That is more than double the 1.4 million accounts with an e-tag, 1.3 million of which are in good standing, Moneyweb said, citing Sanral.

Of the 2.9 million accounts in arrears 41% owe less than R500 each, Sanral said.

The road agency said it has already issued more than 6,000 summonses to non-paying motorists, with that number expected to increase.

And Sanral may also face another headache in that Democratic Alliance says it will “ramp-up the fight against e-tolls” in Johannesburg, Ekhurhuleni and Tshwane if it given the opportunity to govern in those areas.

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  • Unskinnybob

    Oh my gosh! Let me run out and pay my outstanding bill at once!

    • CRM083

      Please donate that money to charity. It would be better utilized that way.

  • Viper_ZA

    “The road agency said it has already issued more than 6,000 summonses to non-paying motorists, with that number expected to increase.”

    Still waiting, bring it on.

    • Draco Lusus

      I got a job in the last year, that affords me the benefit of not going near the highway on a daily basis. Think the last bill I got last year was around R40k I owed. They can summon me, I’ll use it to wipe my arse.

      • Manbot

        That’s nuts. How do hard working average joes afford that? No wonder everyone shows them the finger

    • CRM083

      You’re not the only one. I’m actually waiting for the sheriff to rock up so I can punch him in the face.

      • Mr. H

        Please, don’t punch too hard. He still needs to go other places…….and get more punches…..Share!

      • Nick

        Totally the sheriffs fault those e-tolls!


    • Konstabel Koekemoer

      I just hope that nobody is stupid enough to pay when summonsed, everyone must let it go to court and deny all liability. Sanral will need to provide evidence for each and every gantry pass.

  • Thivhulawi Victor Munyai

    It’s laughable to receive invoice that say u have 30 days to settle amount R5.46

    • RSF

      Even more laughable when you receive it after the 30 days have expired. As is the case for almost every one I’ve received.

      • Batman

        I posted my cheque to them…….

    • germ

      Pay cash into their bank account. Costs them R60 a time!

  • Riaan

    I’m sure sanral is using their income from national toll roads to subsidise the Gauteng roads. Just look at what you pay at toll gates on national roads. So they are NOT applying the user pays principle then. Could just as well have used a fuel levy then. And prevented all these collection costs from going out of the country.

  • CharlieTango

    Still not paying for something I’ve already paid for.

  • Mr. H

    I am aching to see what DA and EFF etc. are going to do about e-trolls now that they have been given more say in some municipalities…..

    • Maxill

      Yes. But is etolls a municipal thing? Has either of these parties, in the past indicated how they feel about etolls? Would be nice to see if any action comes from their words.

      • Mr. H

        It may not be a municipal thing but they can ‘make a noise’ about it to the ‘powers that be’. I’m sure they can do something to earn their votes.
        DA has been opposing the tolls all along, and EFF (if I’m not mistaken) also had some protests and the like against it.

        Ag! Who are we fooling! Once elected they only there to collect their fat paychecks to attend meetings they rarely do….The gravy train has many empty seats!

        • Maxill

          Lets give them a chance. If I were a DA worker, I would bust my behind for the next 3 years, to show the difference between a DA led municipality and an ANC led one.
          But I honestly don’t know what these people do. I heard that the local Councillors earn more than R1M a year. So I think “FAT PAYCHECKS” is a understatement.

  • Mr. H

    Do these Scamral goons even ride on these roads???? There is not much of an improvement on congestion. One small bumper bashing or broken down vehicle and the roads are crammed like sardine cans!

  • Konstabel Koekemoer

    How many of the 1.3 million e-tag accounts in ‘good standing’ have actually any significatnt activity? Probably not even half as rental companies, government departments, corporate fleets etc have fitted them to their vehicles countrywide and many of them will never go to Gauteng.

  • Jaco Smit

    The maths don’t make sense!

    How many accounts are there in total? This will include visitor’s from other provinces and neighboring countries who drive on our roads maybe once, hence the “under R500” statement.

    Also waiting form my summons or for the unlucky cop who pulls me over for non-payment.

    • AgentMulders

      I remember numbers of around 2.8 million unique vehicles in a single month when the system was in testing, so by now there must be over 5 million “accounts”

  • Shaun Crosby

    Dear SANRAL

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

    • Kumarie Naidu

      Shame all u people do is complain because you’ll probably earn so little. Stop complaining. Guess not everyone can be a heart surgeon . When I read the comments here it reminds me of how dumb and stupid society is, only a few people in school was clever and if you extrapolate to society it means the majority of people on the roads are idiots just like everyone struggling to get 90 plus for HG maths, physics and chemistry. Use you time and teach your kids something valuable do they won’t have to read your idiotic comments. Going to drive my Ferrari 458 Italia now and happily pay Sanral. Look at the roads in most of Europe – they pathetic.

      • nicc777

        What on earth are you on about ????

        • James Dean

          He probably works for Sanral which is why he can afford a Ferrari.

      • GatoCatSA

        Watch out coming back to earth can be a hard fall!

      • James Dean

        “When I read the comments here it reminds me of how dumb and stupid society is,”

        You’re dumb for paying for something twice.

  • TiredOfTheBS

    Lol these guys are jokers… E-Tolls are free man

  • Greg Gow

    In terms of the consumer protection act these measuring devices are not compliant. Lodge a complaint and register the complaint through the CPA and they can never charge you.

  • Batman

    Huh how do you send bills!!!! Post office haven’t delivired anything in months??? But my cheque is also in the post……

  • Reject

    I am concerned about what guarantees were promised to SCAMRAL because they seem very unconcerned about the lack of payments. Any normally run enterprise would be reducing their costs, (closing expensive outlets in shopping centres, reducing non effective staff etc) these. I also note that the cANCer have bailed on their shareholdings because of lack of opportunity to line their pockets subsequent to the overpriced tenders.

  • Pule

    Are we still talking about e-tolls?? They have been dead before even being switched on. Well…now that the e-tolls’ political muscle has been weakened they will be more dead!!

  • Robert Dixon

    How many times does one have to point out that this is just an unjust tax – we always paid for roads (including the Gauteng freeways) from general taxation. There was never any indication that if tolls were a means to finance the freeways that general taxation would be reduced proportionately.
    Add to this the insane proportion of the tolls that go to a foreign company to “administer” them and all we have is another corruption event of biblical proportions!

  • Blapartheid Zulu

    e-toll bill is not really a bill, i can also go install a cctv camera outside zuma’s house and send him bills on monthly basis

  • straight8

    The only reason this saga is still ongoing is because the majority are not affected. The bastards who masterminded this should be jailed for a very long time.

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