3 big changes coming to WhatsApp – including new passkey and QR code updates

 ·8 Mar 2024

WhatsApp is working on several updates, with testers trying to sort out any severe bugs.

The meta-owned company is one of the most extensive messaging services in the world and is constantly updating itself to improve services.

Before major updates are given to everyday users, WhatsApp first tests new ideas with beta testers to find any bugs that may impact the app’s performance.

Data service WABetaInfo has thus broken down the latest Android, iOS and Web beta developments.

Below are three changes that the data service has highlighted recently:


Some iOS beta testers have been allowed to experiment with a feature that allows them to configure a passkey for their WhatsApp account.

This optional feature provides users with some flexibility to enable it according to their preferences.

Once a passkey is made, it is automatically saved to the iCloud Keychain.

This allows users to log into WhatsApp using their device passcode or biometric authentication rather than a 6-digit code.

“It is important to note that enabling the passkey feature enhances both the security and convenience of user accounts, as it introduces an alternative layer of authentication,” said WABetaInfo.

“By eliminating the necessity for a 6-digit code each time users access their accounts, this feature improves the login process, saving time and effort. In addition, it aligns with modern authentication methods, enhancing user-friendliness and intuitiveness.”

Sticker privacy

In a beta for Android, WhatsApp is working on a new privacy setting to control who can feature your avatar in their stickers.

Users will be able to select from “My Contacts”, “Selected Contacts”, or “Nobody” to disable the feature.

If you and a contact allow this setting for each other, stickers featuring you and their avatars will be accessible in the chat.

“In our opinion, this feature will empower users with greater control over their digital identity and privacy, said WABetaInfo.

“By being able to specify who can use their avatar in stickers, users can ensure that their personal image is only shared with trusted contacts they’re comfortable with. This reduces the risk of unauthorized use of avatars in stickers, providing a more secure and private messaging experience.”

QR Code

In a separate Android beta update, WhatsApp rolled out a new feature to share your QR code from the chats tab.

Currently, users can share their QR code from the app settings, but the new feature will offer a more direct approach.

When sharing a QR code, it will likely display the username instead of the phone number.

“As a result, this feature may be activated subsequent to the introduction of username support in the future,” said WABetaInfo.

“In our opinion, implementing a shortcut to share the QR code directly from the chats tab will offer a significant advantage in terms of convenience and accessibility for users.”

“In addition, having the shortcut within the chats tab encourages more frequent usage of the QR code-sharing feature.”

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