Making mobile voice services better and cheaper

Internet Solutions has already launched a mobile voice over IP (VoIP) service named mVoIP, and is working on further innovations to improve their fixed and mobile VoIP products. This is according to Wayne Speechly, executive of communications at Internet Solutions.

“Internet Solutions is working on various initiatives to develop and launch practical mobile VoIP solutions. We see this as a key element in our fixed-line VoIP and mobile VoIP market offering,” said Speechly.

Internet Solutions’ current mVoIP product provides a full mobile VoIP offering, but is limited to available Wi-Fi and WLAN networks. This is a constraint which Internet Solutions is addressing.

Speechly said that the company is exploring opportunities using 3G/4G wireless technologies for its mVoIP service, which will provide a more ubiquitous mobile voice experience. “The MVNO option is definitely part of the ideal architecture,” he added.

“Our plans are strongly focused to drive innovation and product development in the mVoIP space using all best options, as this is a key building block in our Unified Communications as a Service and Enterprise Mobility strategies.”

Speechly is very positive about the future of voice over IP products and services: “The future of voice is definitely IP”.

According to Speechly, the medium and network is not too important when it comes to mobile VoIP services. “The experience and cost to the subscriber is the primary business driver. This is where the medium and network links into the discussion,” concluded Speechly.

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Making mobile voice services better and cheaper