Icasa to investigate market priority and high data prices in SA

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) has announced an inquiry to determine the priority markets in the electronic communications sector.

According to Icasa, the report forms part of a number of initiatives it is doing to address the high cost of communication in South Africa, including the cost of data.

The regulator is currently in consultation with other regulatory bodies, such as the National Consumer Commission and the Competition Commission, to find ways in which data costs can be further reduced for the benefit of consumers.

According the Icasa, the purpose of this inquiry is to:

  • identify relevant wholesale and retail markets or market segments in the telecommunications sector that are generally prone to ex ante regulation (based on forecasts rather than results); and
  • to determine from these markets and market segments those that the Authority intends to prioritize for market reviews and potential regulation in terms of section 67(4) of the ECA following the conclusion of this inquiry.

To this end, Icasa requested information and opinions from stakeholders in line with the questionnaire to be published together with the notice to conduct an Inquiry in the Government Gazette.

The above-mentioned questionnaire is available on the Icasa website and Head Office library in Sandton during working hours.

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Icasa to investigate market priority and high data prices in SA