How much money you should pay your domestic worker in South Africa

 ·28 Oct 2015

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), through its leader Julius Malema, has called for a national minimum wage in South Africa, highlighting how much money the lower income jobs should be worth.

Wage regulation in South Africa takes place through collective bargaining and direct regulation of pay for vulnerable workers via the sectoral determinations.

Currently, the average minimum wage is:

  • A monthly wage of R2,731.74 across all the private-sector bargaining councils; and
  • In the region of R2,362.36 across all the sectoral determinations.

The recommended minimum wage set by the South African Labour Department in December 2014 is R2,065.47 per month, or R476.68 per week, or R10.95 per hour, for a standardised 45-hour week.

A survey conducted by News24 in June, which elicited 12,000 responses, showed that people in the Western Cape paid their domestic worker and average of R188.50 per day, with Gauteng at R172 a day, and KwaZulu-Natal averaging R151 a day.

Data shows that South Africa has in excess of one million domestic workers, accounting for more than 8% of the total workforce of the country.

The EFF marched to the JSE on Tuesday (27 October and delivered a memorandum calling for among other things, an increase in the national minimum wage.

“All companies represented in the JSE must introduce a minimum wage of R4,500 for all their workers,” the EFF said.

It also called on the JSE to take into consideration the per month sectoral minimum wages contained in the EFF Elections Manifesto, which are:

  • Mineworkers: R12,500
  • Farm workers: R5,000 
  • Manufacturing workers: R6,500
  • Retail Workers (Cashiers and Retail Store Assistants): R5,000
  • Builders: R7,000
  • Petrol Attendants: R5,000
  • Cleaners: R4,500
  • Domestic Workers: R4,500
  • Private Security Guards: R7,500
  • Full time Waiters and Waitresses: R4,500

The EFF also called for all companies in the JSE to ban labour brokers, and permanently employ their workers with proper medical aid and retirement benefits.

All JSE companies and all companies in South Africa should implement the principle of equal work for equal pay for all workers irrespective of race, class and background, the political party said.

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