2016 Municipal Elections: when you can expect the full results

The first results of the 2016 municipal elections began to trickle in at 21h00 on Wednesday night, 3 August, after polls closed shortly after 19h00.

Leading up to the 2016 Local Government Elections, there were over 26 million voters on the national voters’ roll. The true reflection of how many of these registered voters cast their ballot will emerge as results continue to stream in.

The elections have been touted as the most competitive yet, particularly in the three metros of Nelson Mandela Bay in the Eastern Cape, Tshwane, and Johannesburg.

And as the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) faces the arduous task of counting up all the votes around the country, it may take some time before all the results are out.

When will we receive the 2016 Municipal Elections results?

According to the IEC:

“By law the election results must be announced within seven days of the day on which the election took place. In municipal elections each ward and municipality is its own election so these results are announced as and when the counting and results processes have been finalised.”

“The first results will probably be known within a few hours of the close of voting stations and the results for municipalities within a day or two of the election.”

On Thursday, the IEC said it is on course to announce the 2016 Local Government Election Results within the specified period.

In terms of the Electoral Commission Act, the commission must declare results within seven days after elections.

“We are on track and well within this timeframe,” said IEC CEO Mosotho Moepya on Thursday, when updating the nation of the vote counting process.

Although South Africans are eagerly awaiting the outcome of these elections, Moepya appealed for patience from all stakeholders to allow the process to follow due diligence and accuracy.

As of 11h00, 77.8% of the local government election results had been captured.

“Following the capture process, the results are then subjected to independent audit verification before being finalised.

“The results slip is also scanned so that it can be compared to the results on the system. This process is now underway in all provinces and will continue until all results have been finalised,” Moepya said.

Fast facts about the 2016 Municipal Elections:

  • 26 333 353 – Registered voters
  • 177 000 – Election officials trained
  • 153 000 – Ballot boxes
  • 133 000 – Voting booths
  • 63 654 – Candidates (18% more than 2011)
  • 22 612 – Voting stations
  • 204 – Parties contesting elections (68% more than 2011)
  • 75 – Voter turnout percentage for 2011 municipal elections

Where to get the results

Here is a list of websites where South Africans can view the election results:

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2016 Municipal Elections: when you can expect the full results