Watch: Armed gangs stealing anti-retroviral drugs from SA hospitals

A report by Journeyman Pictures reveals how clinics in Soweto have been targeted by armed gangs who steal antiretrovirals to produce Nyaope, a highly addictive drug.

Such is the demand, reports Inigo Gilmore, that medical staff at several hospitals are under investigation, suspected of stealing from hospital pharmacies, and selling to dealers.

Aaron Motsoaledi, the Minister of Health of South Africa, admitted that the ministry faces a problem with the theft of ARVs from government medicine depots and by health workers at hospitals.

He said that the shortage of antiretrovirals is not due to a shortage of money, but because of theft.

It is believed there are tens of thousands of addicts spreading right across South Africa and with the widespread theft impacting heavily on those suffering from Aids,.

One addict told Journeyman Pictures, that the use of Nyaope leads him to steal and rape when he is high.

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Watch: Armed gangs stealing anti-retroviral drugs from SA hospitals