Watch: Zuma roasted by ANC heavyweight

Businessman and former director general of the Department of Labour, Sipho Pityana, has torn into the current leader ship of the ANC, and president Jacob Zuma in particular.

Speaking on the occasion of the funeral of the Reverend Makhenkesi Stofile in the Eastern Cape on Thursday, Pityana said that if the president were present, he would have begged and pleaded for him step down.

The president is currently in Kenya participating in the 6th Summit of the Tokyo International Conference on African Development.

“We are a movement in denial, because when we talk about why it is where we are, we say it is because of the hostile and negative media. Maybe it is. We say its because western government is driving an agenda for a regime change. Maybe it is. We say its because of clever blacks who are ill disciplined and arrogant. We say it is NGOs who are agents of foreign interests,” Pityana said.

He said that the ANC’s setbacks are self-inflicted. “We have ceded our moral high-ground,” he said.

Pityana said that the president of the movement (ANC) and the country shows nothing but contempt for the constitution.

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He said that while the ANC claims to be against corruption, at every moment its members are falling over each other to steal from the poor.

Pityana said that accountability is an important measure of respect for the people and for the public office.

“When the constitutional court makes a finding that you broke your oath of office. What it means is that you are honourable no longer.What it means is that you are untrustworthy.

“Do we have leaders of a revolution, or do we have full time thieves and looters? The balance of forces in the movement have changed.It has changed in favour of the forces of corruption,” Pityana said.

“Our movement is captured, and consequently the state is captured. Our revolutionary project is under threat.

“The next battle cannot be led by a leader that has humiliated our organisation and undermined everything that we represent,” Pityana said.

Pityana has extensive business experience having served in both an executive and non-executive capacity on several JSE listed boards of companies as well as running his own companies, Izingwe Capital and Izingwe Holdings, which he chairs.

In addition to his private sector track record, he also served as the first DG of the Department of Labour in the former president Nelson Mandela’s Government.

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Watch: Zuma roasted by ANC heavyweight