SA’s population breaks 54 million

 ·31 Jul 2014
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South Africa’s population now stands at just over 54 million, according to new data from Stats SA.

This was the main finding of the organisation’s latest mid-year population estimates report, which was released on Thursday (31 July 2014).

Based on the 2014 series, the country’s population experienced an estimated net increase of 844,000 individuals (1,58% growth) from July 2013 to July 2014.

Gauteng remains the most populous province, with almost 13 million inhabitants, followed by KwaZulu-Natal with a population of almost 10,7 million.

These two provinces account for about 44% of the population in the country, Stats SA said.

The Northern Cape remains the least populated province, with just under 1,2 million people.

South African population

South African population

Approximately 52% (approximately 27,64 million) of the population is female, while about 30% of the population is aged younger than 15 years. Approximately 8,4% (4,54 million) is 60 years or older.

Black Africans are in the majority (43,33 million) and constitute approximately 80% of the total South African population, the report said.

The white population is estimated at 4,55 million people, the coloured population at 4,77 million and the Indian/Asian population at 1,34 million.

South African population by sex and race

South African population by sex and race

According to the report, life expectancy stands at 61 years, having increased from an estimated 52 years in 2005.

This rise can be attributed to two important trends: the number of AIDS related deaths has decreased from 363,910 deaths in 2005 (51% of all deaths) to 171 733 deaths in 2014 (31% of all deaths); while, second, the infant mortality rate (IMR) has fallen from an estimated 58 infant deaths per 1,000 live births in 2002 to 34 infant deaths per 1,000 live births in 2014.

The overall number of deaths in the country has also decreased, from an estimated 716,083 deaths in 2005 (15 deaths per 1,000 people), to an estimated 551,289 deaths occurring in 2014 (10 deaths per 1,000 people), the stats agency said.

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