Sanral admits to new e-toll tariff blunder

Roads agency Sanral has admitted a fault in the system relating to new e-toll tariffs for registered e-tag users who expect discounts for off-peak toll passes.

According to  Eye Witness News, e-tagged motorists are actually paying more under the new e-toll dispensation – designed to alleviate the financial burden for motorists – due to a ‘maths quirk’.

Under the new dispensation, which came into affect on 1 July,  all motorists pay a “standard tariff” – approximately 30c per kilometre which removes the need to have an e-tag, despite new Sanral adverts insisting that e-tag or registered users still benefit.

All motorists are able to pay a capped monthly fee of R225 under the new system, down from a previous cap of R450.

The new tariffs have done away with the discount offered to those in possession of an e-tag and replaced it with a standard tariff for all users.

Chairman of Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance (Outa), Wayne Duvenage, pointed out that users who previously benefited from a time of day discount are discounted on a lower standard tariff under the new system.

“The rate that is applied during the time of day discount is actually higher than what it was during the old dispensation, so to speak. It’s actually gone the other way. It’s gotten more expensive,” he said.

Sanral admitted that it is aware of “unintended repercussions the revised tariff has on the time of day discount”.

Meanwhile, Outa noted on its Facebook page that motorists were still being billed  inaccurately.

“I got billed for my crashed car which is behind a tow truck,” said one motorist, providing an image taken from a gantry.


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Sanral admits to new e-toll tariff blunder