Workplace stress costs SA R3bn annually

 ·11 Apr 2012

As much as R3 billion a year is being lost to workplace stress, absenteeism, lower productivity, staff turnover, workers’ compensation, medical insurance and other stress-related expenses in South Africa according to a  report by The People Element.

Much of South Africa is experiencing stress in some form according to human resources expert Vicky Eriksson of The People Element.

“Unhappy employees are often angry. In 2004 the World Health Organisation called workplace violence in South Africa “alarming’ with half of all healthcare workers in government hospitals reporting verbal abuse, and 42,5 percent witnessing or being attacked at work (compared to 19,5 percent in private hospitals),” says Eriksson.

The World Health Organization puts the South African suicide rate at 23 out of 107 countries measured.

Meanwhile the South African Depression and Anxiety Group recently reported that 22 people commit suicide everyday whilst 200 people attempt suicide on a daily basis.

The People Element has found stress and general unhappiness at work levels in South Africa are the highest they’ve in 15 years.

“Stress not only has a detrimental effect on working relationships and happiness at home, but also directly impacts your bottom line”, concludes Karin Wellman of The People Element.

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