How Sanral changed its e-toll collection targets

The South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) has released information on the latest e-toll revenue collections – and when compared to its re-adjusted projections, it’s exceeding expectations.

The roads agency released the data following comments from opposition groups that it was distorting data, to appear more positive.

According to Outa, claims by Sanral this week that e-tolling payments were increasing, neglected to take into account how the numbers were significantly lower than its targets.

Sanral announced on 3 August that e-toll collections had increased from a low of R45 million in January 2015, to R78 million in June.

Outa called the numbers a farce, and were actually 35% down from the same period in 2014 – thereby missing the group’s targets of R260 million per month.

However, Sanral hit back at Outa, saying that the e-toll revision panel announced last year caused uncertainty in the project, leading to a drop in revenue.

This caused Sanral to revise its projections.

Sanral e-toll targets
Sanral e-toll targets

The new projections show that the agency has reduced its expected income by as much as 80% over several months, with the net effect of making the latest figures appear hugely successful in comparison.

The two graphs below show the differences between 2014 and 2015’s revenue projections.

E-toll projections 2014
E-toll projections 2014
E-toll projections 2015
E-toll projections 2015

“The revised forecasts notwithstanding, it is clear that month-on-month there is an upward trend in payment since the Deputy President’s announcement in May. This is all we are saying – the facts don’t lie,” said Sanral CFO Inge Mulder.

Sanral spokesperson Vusi Mona said the data shows that more people are paying and “ignoring Outa’s exhortations”.

Mona said that most toll roads take between 16 and 22 years to break even.

“We’re on track to beat that figure, and [Outa’s] fooling around with figures won’t change that.”

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How Sanral changed its e-toll collection targets