Watch: This is what a completely off the grid house looks like in SA

With news that load shedding will continue for the next 18 months in South Africa, has provided a sample of off the grid living.

Johannesburg architect, Brad Clark, says he redesigned his home four years ago to save energy and to have a more reliable power system.

And while the house has not yet had a power failure, Clark told that his neighbours are load shed up to three times per week.

He said that the bulk of appliances in the home,including lights, dish washer, washing machine, tv, fridge freezer all work off electricity created by solar panels mounted on the roof.

The oven and stove, he said, work off LP gas.

Hot water is generated through a combination of LP gas (bottled gas) and bio gas.

Clark said that he elevated the house off the ground – based on the theory that hot air rises and cold air sinks.

He said that in winter, the houses is heated by using two wood burning stoves.

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Watch: This is what a completely off the grid house looks like in SA