‘Come charge me for refusing to pay e-tolls’

Outa spokesperson, John Clarke, has challenged the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) to charge him for not paying his e-toll bills.

In a video posted on Youtube, Clarke has called on Sanral to cease with their selective use of the law to intimidate society into submission.

“Last week’s false license plate charge against Stoyen Stoychev, has been regarded by many as an attempt by Sanral to further intimidate Gauteng road users into acceptance of the e-toll scheme. But what they have actually done, is eroded the state’s legitimacy to create good order in society,” Outa said.

“This has given substance to the request from a law abiding citizen, John Clarke, for Sanral to charge him for not paying his e-toll bills.”

In the video, Clarke explains why he is so confident that no criminal prosecution can possibly succeed because all the evidence points to Sanral having undermined the Rule of Law by failing to lead by example in demonstrating in practice the Principle of Legitimacy.

Last week Gauteng resident, Dr Stoyan Hristov Stoychev, was found guilty of fraudulent number plates so as to avoid paying e-tolls.

Stoychev was sentenced to six months imprisonment or a fine pay R20,000. He was also ordered to pay Sanral R14,000 in outstanding e-toll bills.

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‘Come charge me for refusing to pay e-tolls’