Here are the 20 richest people in South Africa

 ·13 Jul 2017

South Africa added to its growing list of dollar billionaires earlier this year, with founder and chairman of PSG Group, Jannie Mouton, joining the list of South Africa’s elite.

Mouton, known as the “Boere Buffett” for his successes on the stock market, was listed as the country’s eighth dollar billionaire by Forbes in its annual Billionaire List for 2017.

And while the fortune’s of the seven men above Mouton on the list are well documented, Entrepreneur Magazine has compiled a more extensive list detailing the wealth of the top 28 South Africans including the likes of deputy president, Cyril Ramaphosa; former MTN executive, Irene Charnley; and Discovery founder, Adrian Gore.

Commercial and residential property group, Knight Frank recently published its Wealth Report  for 2017, revealing the number of high net worth individuals in the country.

According to Knight Frank, SA had 40,400 dollar millionaires in 2016, with as many as 18,200 living in Joburg, and as many as 320 individuals with wealth exceeds $30 million (R395 million).

Cape Town’s dollar millionaire total in 2016 was 8,200, while it also has 180 uber-rich residents who have wealth exceeding $30 million.

BusinessTech lists the top 20 richest South Africans as identified by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Name Net Worth Source of wealth
Nicky Oppenheimer R95.2 billion Diamonds
Johann Rupert R83.0 billion Retail
Christo Wiese R76.2 billion Retail
Ivan Glasenberg R65.3 billion Commodities
Koos Bekker R28.6 billion Media
Patric Motsepe R24.5 billion Mining
Allan Gray R24.5 billion Wealth Management
Stephen Saad R16.3 billion Pharmaceuticals
Jannie Mouton R13.6 billion Banking
Laurie Dippenaar R8.5 billion Banking
Michiel le Roux R7.2 billion Banking
Raymond Ackerman R6.9 billion Retail
Adrian Gore R6.7 billion Financial Services
Cyril Ramaphosa R6.4 billion Investments
GT Ferreira R5.8 billion Banking and Insurance
Gus Attridge R5.7 billion Pharmaceuticals
Markus Jooste R5.6 billion Retail
Wendy Appelbaum R4.7 billion Insurance and Proptery
Desmond Sacco R4.7 billion Mining
Giovanni Ravazzotti R4.7 billion Retail

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