Here are 23 of the richest people in South Africa

 ·4 Jul 2018

While Forbes only ranked five South African dollar billionaires in its rich list earlier this year, looking at other net worth rankings it’s clear that South Africa is home to a number of super wealthy people.

Capgemini’s latest wealth report for South Africa highlighted a significant increase in the number of high net-worth individuals in the country by the end of 2017.

The report noted a 8.9% increase in HNWIs, from 84,700 recorded at the end of 2016, to 92,200 at the end of 2017.

Knight Frank’s wealth report, meanwhile, showed that there are 10,350 South Africans with a net worth of $5 million or more (R70 million), 640 with a net worth over $50 million (R700 million) and 30 individuals with a net worth greater than $500 million (R7 billion).

South Africa’s richest people

Finding South Africa’s richest people is a tricky affair, as it’s typically the super rich – the dollar billionaires – that get the most attention, being featured in wealth lists across the world.

However, as a recent BusinessTech report showed, there are billionaires in South Africa, like Cartrack founder Zak Caliso, who often fly under the radar.

The UK’s Sunday Times Rich List is another source that reveals many unknown South African millionaires who may have built their fortunes overseas, but still have ties to their home land.

According to this ranking, insurance magnate Douw Steyn, whose net worth is an estimated R16.3 billion, should technically be listed among other South African dollar billionaires on the Forbes rankings, but because his fortunes are not in publicly held companies, it makes it difficult to track.

Entrepreneur Magazine recently published its latest ranking of the richest people in South Africa, which includes the widely-known dollar billionaires mentioned above, along with many others who have amassed fortunes locally and abroad.

The net worth of those mentioned in the Entrepreneur ranking still reflect the same levels they were ranked at in 2017, however – but it still provides a good indication of who the country’s richest people are.

The table below incorporates the latest up-to-date net worths of South Africa’s billionaires from Forbes, and includes the data from the UK’s Sunday Times Rich List, as well as the data from Entrepreneur Mag (indicated with a *).

Name Net Worth Data Source
Nicky Oppenheimer R105.6 billion Forbes
Johann Rupert R87.8 billion Forbes
Ivan Glasenberg R75.4 billion Forbes
Koos Bekker R34.3 billion Forbes
Allan Gray R27.4 billion Forbes
Patrice Motsepe R25.4 billion Forbes
Michiel le Roux R16.5 billion Forbes
Douw Steyn R16.3 billion Sunday Times Rich List
Christo Wiese R15.1 billion Forbes
Stephen Saad R14.7 billion Forbes
Jannie Mouton R13.6 billion* Entrepreneur Mag
Mark Shuttleworth R9.1 billion Sunday Times Rich List
Laurie Dippenaar R8.5 billion* Entrepreneur Mag
Raymond Ackerman R6.9 billion* Entrepreneur Mag
Adrian Gore R6.7 billion* Entrepreneur Mag
Cyril Ramaphosa R6.4 billion* Entrepreneur Mag
GT Ferreira R5.8 billion* Entrepreneur Mag
Gus Attridge R5.7 billion* Entrepreneur Mag
Markus Jooste R5.6 billion* Entrepreneur Mag
Wendy Appelbaum R4.7 billion* Entrepreneur Mag
Desmond Sacco R4.7 billion* Entrepreneur Mag
Giovanni Ravazzotti R4.7 billion* Entrepreneur Mag
Zak Calisto R3.5 billion BusinessTech

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