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Watch: Hundreds of ANC supporters “occupy” Absa

Watch: Hundreds of ANC supporters “occupy” Absa

Hundreds of ANC Youth League supporters have stormed Absa’s Durban branch in protest, after a leaked draft public protector report indicated that the bank had to repay a R2.25 billion bailout it received during the apartheid era.

The Youth League, alongside other protest groups Black First Land First, have already announced plans to continue with the movement in South Africa’s other major metros in a bid to get the financial institution to pay back the money.

Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s leaked draft report found that billions of payments made to the Bankorp group of banks – which was later acquired by Absa – were irregular, and ordered that they be paid back into the fiscus.

Further recommendations included that president Jacob Zuma set up a judicial commission of enquiry into the apartheid-era looting of the estate.

Reaction to the report and subsequent mass movement against Absa has been mixed on social media platforms, with many already calling for government to close its accounts with the bank, while others believe that the report and subsequent protests are premature and politically-motivated.

Read: Absa faces R2.25 billion apartheid bill: report

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  • Cheesy 3.0

    Looking to make a withdrawal? These guys should go get a job and do something with their lives.

  • NosySnoopy

    So don’t they have a job or did they take the day off? And did they have to get a letter from the leader about their absence from work, like you get from a doctor?

    • FracturedButWhole

      If they don’t have jobs do you reckon they qualify as “unemployed youth” judging from the pics?

    • Steven Seagull


    • Madimetsha

      rent a crowd, this is their job….

    • Brian

      Work? Whats that? Not necessary when you are getting free land that will (somehow) make us all rich.

    • Lone Stranger

      I thought it and you said it. They have no life, or no work. I think it is the former.

  • Pitagoras

    What about SAA, Eskom etc. all receiving billions in bail outs and squandering the money? ANC just wants more to loot

    • Konstabel Koekemoer

      And don’t forget about African Bank.

    • Lone Stranger

      They want you to forget about that. It’s Apartheid fault remember. Always an excuse of their failures.

    • Maxill

      Don’t come here with your articulate and uncomfortable questions! You bleddie agent! /s

      • BallsToTheWall

        Oi, thought you were going the “Gucci Revolutionary” bell for a minute 🙂 🙂

    • Robert Dixon

      The billions have been stolen/wasted/squandered in the “corruptheid” era – Bankorp’s sins were committed during the apartheid era.
      In SA only the (often imaginary) arpartheid era issues are considered, the things that affect us directly right now are simply ignored because they stem from the ANC’s inability to run the country properly.
      What will happen to the money if ABSA does pay it? More “security” at Nkandla?

  • RodneyVikens

    ANC Youth. Anyone above 40 years of age.

    • Q Anthonie Burger

      Youth league members must just not have completed school then they qualify.

    • the-TRUTH

      ANC Young Losers
      ANCYLost Generations
      ANCYLost Morals
      #ANCMustFall in 2019

  • Steven Seagull

    Matthew 7:5
    Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

    • Born-again-Atheist

      Leave the desert texts back in the bronze age.

      • Steven Seagull

        Thou hypocrite.

  • Steven Seagull

    Love it when Maria Ramos’s people come back to stab her in the back.
    Keep going yoofs!

  • 20twelve

    lol. Clowns.

  • l0cal_user

    Watch out Nandos and KFC, pretty soon they are going to figure out that white people are being served chicken… then shits going to hit the fan.

    • Dawie

      Best comment here

  • Do the right thing

    You guys are at the wrong building try going to Luthuli house , they owe you guys far more , somewhere in the region of about $10 bil , yes dollars plus change , or even Saxonwold , go there and they have a virtual shebeen as well.

    • Swona

      shebeen exist, not virtual

      • Jibbers Crabst

        Suuuuure, perchance, in the Gupta’s 5th garage around the back?

        • Swona

          Right… You showing your sheep’leness
          Anyone can tell you white what you want to hear and you’ll believe it.

          Moyo restaurant zoo lake. Google it
          Two streets as he said.

  • Lupe

    well this was just a waste of time


      ANC good at making noise like spoiled brad,they were supposed to march for Nkandla

  • Brian

    These fools are an embarrassment. The “leaked” report was designed for exactly this, to rile up this politically motivated “white monopoly capital” nonsense. Why did they not picket Nkandla? That was a clear case of misuse of public funds. Oh, and by the way, it was Bankcorp who got the funds. ABSA bought Bankcorp years later as I understand it. I am willing to bet that not one of those protesters have any idea what the motivation was or how the deal was structured. This is a pure emotional reaction to drivel that these politicians are spreading to rile up their voter base. Hilarious if it were not so tragic. I mean, why not just destroy the companies that drive our economy and contribute huge amounts of taxes to the state coffers that are then wasted on trains that cant run on our tracks by due to inefficient state owned entities. I feel for those poor ABSA employees who had to suffer this outrage.

  • Doesnt_Matter

    Bunch of retarded P’s O S

  • Akella

    Guys, can anybody explain WHAT EXACTLY is wrong (in mind of protesters) with this “leaked report”?? They WANT ABSA to pay money or they DO NOT?

    • Steven Seagull

      TIA – any excuse for a riot

  • Shane Barker

    Don’t these twats work – always out on strikes but contribute f – all to society- just take take – I thought SA was going forward – clearly we heading to the DARK SIDE

  • Swona

    WTF, is it really necessary to go after ABSA?
    What about FNB, Old Mutual and Standard

  • Justice Peace

    Retribution for kicking out the Guptas plain and simple.

    • BallsToTheWall

      Yup, that’s exactly what it is….”I’ll show you for closing my account”…Wonder what they gonna dig up on the other banks…

  • Aristophanes

    These losers can’t even do a good job of ‘occupying’. And the oke in the front forgot to take off his EFF beret!

  • victory

    To occupy ABSA is only easy thing idi00ts can do but when it come to job creation all eyes will be looking at Whte? #all thieves must pay back the money still continue

  • CaptObvious

    What do they plan to do with these billions? Surely Zuma doesn’t need to upgrade his “security features'”already?

    • AwS

      his neices house burnt down recently. maybe she needs a new house? with security…. (can’t remember where I saw the article. lightning + thatch roof )

  • Guy Morel

    Jobless rent-a-crowd occupy Absa based on a dubious report by an ethically compromised public protector.

  • Discus

    ABSA will pay back government once government pays back all the loans ABSA have given them !
    All the major formerly ANC run municipalities have overdrafts that near the billions…and mostly with ABSA !
    maybe all the ANC comrades that got rich on ABSA funded corrupt tenders awarded by corrupt municipalities should be forced to pay back ABSA…and then ABSA can give money back to government …

    this is so ridiculous … Johannesburg alone has a R2B overdraft !!!
    What utter nonsense !

    • Selwyn

      You go Discus!! How do you tell these EFF berets with ANC T shirts wtf is actually going on. I suggest you do advise Absa they will happily pay but unfortunately will also call up all the loans at a a few munipalities and various goverment depts. Can u imagine the cucc!!. AND how is this: Zuma must call for an enquiry into Apartheid era looting of state coffers. Zuma would’nt know the difference between a loan and a mortgage. Zuma is also the dude who insulted Malawi during the height of the e toll fiasco. ANd how much did these ANCYL idiots cost during the uni debacle last year —-and DON”T tell me it was none of them!!! Ask them to get MAria Ramos to come for a chat while they ar at it.

      • Discus

        Zuma must first clean his own house…starting by handing himself in at the nearest prison !

  • Riaan

    And even if ABSA did get a bailout in the old days – so what? If it is paid back, that money then belongs to the white people who paid the taxes at the time.

    • Lindo

      Paid taxes using black slave labour and stolen resources

      • Riaan

        *Yawn* Sounds like you are brainwashed.

  • Born-again-Atheist

    Jacob pulling the strings again. Gupta-Zuma-Public Protector vs banks.

  • Betterestdayz

    At least you’re getting some cardio vascular. It’s important part of living…

  • reDDevil

    Why can’t all this energy go into demanding another president?

  • Boer Afrikaner

    Just let the first one fall, and they’ll all go home….

  • morphman

    Just another way for they to loot and disrupt every thing. Do they think they will each get some money from this. Why does ABSA have to pay the money back if this happened before the anc took over? but the anc is just spending money left, right and center on crap that is not helping there own people! Just asking, please dont jump down my throat.

  • bengine

    ANC Youth League – that bastion of truth and integrity motivated by pure intentions for the good of all … it’s worse than Vogon poetry.

  • Prof. Klinghoffer

    These ANCYL protesters, no matter how old they are, have a brain of a 4 year old.

    Maybe they haven’t managed to complete their primary schooling. That’s why they always behave like children.

  • Kevin Busby

    there go the Oros Lemmings again

  • Bob

    Hundreds doth not a revolution make!

    • Jibbers Crabst

      On the contrary, a Revolution can start with just one person…

  • Rob Charlton

    These poor misguided, misinformed and unquestioning people are trying to bring down one of the few pillars still holding up the shreds of the economy; and all because of an incorrect and incomplete report that the ANC leadership have leapt on without giving it a second glance in the direction of the truth. Troubling times.

  • elizabeth2

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  • the-TRUTH

    Karma is coming: Some of these corrupt ANComrades will be occupying prison number 247 after 2019 national elections…

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