Business Talk – Naled-e breaks down digital banking from the Metaverse

 ·3 Nov 2022
Naled-E Header

Naled-e is the Digital Spokesperson for Nedbank and an online persona created by the bank to bring the digital banking story to life in the Metaverse.

She joins Michael Avery on Business Talk to talk more about herself and the current state of digital banking.

Naled-e explains that while there is a great deal of excitement around digitisation, mobility, AI, and other technology trends, more can still be done to leverage the full benefits of these technologies.

She then discusses how the metaverse has become topical because it is a fascinating digital manifestation of the physical world, its products, and its services.

Naled-e unpacks how we are already seeing the launch of Metaverse stores and games and says that companies have also begun collaborating through the platform.

She also touches on the factors limiting digital banking efforts in South Africa, such as the cost of internet connections and an inherent preference for hard cash.

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Watch the full interview with Naled-e below.

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