Business Talk – In conversation with Alexander Forbes’ John Anderson

John Anderson is a retirement product solutions specialist at Alexander Forbes Group.

He serves as executive: Investments, Products & Enablement at the financial services group, having previously served as head of strategic development.

Prior to his roles at Alexander Forbes, Anderson worked as an executive at Sygnia Asset Management.

On this episode of Business Talk – Owning it with Sage – Anderson shares some of the challenges faced by the pension industry in South Africa – namely low contribution rates, with most not being able to save for retirement at all. This has been exacerbated by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Anderson says that the industry needs a rethink in retirement calculations as many South Africans come up short when it comes to saving, given that we as a nation are living far longer than ever before. This has led to a shift in traditional patterns, with many waiting longer to retire, or some not retiring fully – supplementing their income through scaled down ventures.

Funds as a result are beginning to change, Anderson says.

The full interview is embedded below. You can find all the Business Talk with Michael Avery interviews here.

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Business Talk – In conversation with Alexander Forbes’ John Anderson