Business Talk – Monocle CEO David Buckham on his new book: The End of Money

 ·19 Nov 2021

Founder and CEO of Monocle Solutions, David Buckham, meets with Business Talk’s Michael Avery to discuss his new book, The End of Money.

Buckham previously worked as an account manager and content development specialist at ADvTECH, as the head of risk management at SAS, and as a solutions specialist at PSG Asset Management.

He then founded Monocle in 2002 after experiencing first-hand the challenges faced by the finance industry when it comes to accurately calculating and aggregating market, credit, operational, and liquidity risk.

Buckham is also an avid writer and has authored several books, journals, and opinion pieces.

In this interview, Buckham discusses his new book The End of Money, which was co-authored by Robyn Wilkinson and Christiaan Straeuli.

He underlines what inspired him to write the book, and unpacks its central themes and ideas, notably a global decline in democracy.

Buckham then explains the potential financial consequences of inflation and the rise of authoritarian regimes.

He also expresses his concerns about cryptocurrency and provides his views on tax avoidance in current corporate tax structures.

Finally, Buckham discusses China’s banking systems, its debt, and what the future holds for the country and its financial system.

The full interview with David Buckham is embedded below. Find all the Business Talk – Owning it with Sage interviews here.

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