Business Talk – Altron’s Emma Durkin on the importance of human capital to rebuild the economy

 ·30 Nov 2021

Emma Durkin is the head of human capital for Altron Karabina, a division of Altron. She joined Altron in 2010 and has more than a decade of experience in people management.

Durkin is responsible for improving employees’ engagement and retention and ensuring their strategies align with the business’s strategic priorities and vision.

She provides human capital capability to leaders in the business to achieve a balance between the business needs and the individual needs of the staff.

In this episode of Business Talk, Durkin shares why she thinks the most important resource to rebuilding the economy is human capital.

She discusses the crisis the job market is facing because of the brain drain in the country – especially in South Africa – and explains what South African businesses can do to ensure they keep local talent in the country and hold onto their human capital.

She touches on the difference between reskilling and upskilling, and why these are important factors to consider in your workforce.

The full interview with Emma Durkin is embedded below. Find all the Business Talk interviews here.

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