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The most memorable logos in the world

The most memorable logos in the world

A new study by design firm Siegel+Gale has revealed which global brand logos are the most recognisable – and why.

According to the firm, the key to a memorable logo design isn’t always as simple as brand power, but also has a lot to do with the type of logo treatment.

The study looked at more than 100 logos of the world’s top brands.

While many of the top logos had big brands (and big marketing budgets), many logos from companies on the same level were more forgettable and bland.

Respondents in the study said that the most memorable logos were simple and organic, or had their own custom look.

An example of an organic logo is the BP logo – while the custom woodmark logo is along the lines of Instagram’s logo.

On the other hand, unfamiliar brands were boring and described as “tacky” and “pretentious”.

The 10 most memorable logos in the world

Nike – 16.0%


Apple – 15.6%


Mcdonald’s – 11.1%


Coca-Cola – 9.7%

Coca Cola

Google – 2.9%


Microsoft – 1.9%


Pepsi – 1.5%


Amazon – 1.4%


Target – 1.3%


Adidas -1.2%


The most memorable logos were determined by asking respondents to recall the logos they remembered the best.

To determined the best type of logo, they were asked to select their top three logos from a set, and then explain which qualities they found most appealing.

“Respondents described the logos they found most memorable to be Simple. The other descriptors of a memorable logo were: Everywhere, Design, Name, Shape and Colors. However, Simple significantly outweighed the others,” the firm said.

Consumers were also more likely to ascribe a logo they recognize with positive attributes, such as “trusted”, “respected”, “reliable”, “premium” and “powerful”.

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  • Jon Low

    Target? What do they do?

    • ChrisB

      Not enough people recognised those to register on the survey, obviously. But I have serious doubts that the *new* Google logo registered so high, compared to many of those you mention. I mean, it’s only been out for a couple of months, and pretty much on computer screens only – whereas VW, Mercedes, BMW have been in our faces dozens of times a day, every day of our lives since birth.

      Talking of, the Chevy logo is a stove bolt, not a bow tie, btw. And I wonder, in light of the explanation about simplicity, just what inspired Chrysler to change theirs from the instantly recognisable 5-pointed star in a pentagon to the vague, w-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-d-e mess they have now.

  • Luigi


    • ChrisB

      Well it i *IS* “in the world” not “In South Africa”. Obviously there are enough US citizens out there to make Target recognised by 1.3% of respondents (if I understand the survey results correctly).

      Yeah, right. Obviously the survey was done in the US.

      • Jon Low

        Walmart means cheap and cheerful and low-budget.

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