EY Sustainability – Renergen CEO Stefano Marani on the benefits of natural gas production

 ·15 Nov 2022

Stefano Marani is the CEO of Renergen, an emerging integrated renewable energy producer in South Africa.

Marani was previously an Executive Director at Morgan Stanley for over five years before becoming a Partner at Kigeni Holdings in 2009.

He then became the CEO of Tetra4, a natural gas producer that provides sustainable, clean energy solutions, in 2014.

One year later, Marani took on his current CEO role at Renergen, Tetra4’s parent company.

In this EY Sustainability interview, Marani joins Michael Avery to discuss the benefits of natural gas production in South Africa – such as how it can drive economic growth.

Marani unpacks Renergen’s remarkable journey from discovering helium reserves almost a decade ago to becoming South Africa’s only natural gas provider today.

He then explains how Renergen transforms these reserves from a stranded gas asset into an energy product.

Marani also describes how Renergen has pioneered the use of natural gas in heavy-duty vehicles in South Africa and explains how this helps decarbonisation efforts.

He concludes by discussing the challenges Renergen faces when trying to convince organisations to leverage natural gas resources in a decarbonisation effort and providing predictions for the future of natural gas in South Africa.

Michael Avery’s full interview with Renergen CEO Stefano Marani can be watched below.

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