This is how much petrol attendants get tipped in South Africa

BusinessTech recently surveyed readers on how much they tip petrol attendants.

Much like other service industries, petrol attendants supplement their wages through tips.

However, with the public facing increasing road related hikes in the coming months, tipping may take a back seat as motorists continue to feel the pinch.

The survey had 5,809 respondents with 40% indicating that they do not tip at all. This is up from a prior poll in 2018, which showed that 37% of people do not tip petrol attendants.

In comparison, just under a third (31%) said that they tip R5, 15% said that they tip R10, and 9% said that they tip R2.

Just 5% of respondents said that they tip R20 or more when filling up.


According to the latest jobs data, petrol stations employ around 70,000 people across the country, with petrol attendants generally fitting the profile of 27-year-old men, who tend to stay in the job for up to five years.

The Department of Energy employment numbers for 2018/2019 showed that forecourt attendants earn a minimum of R1,313.55 per week (R5,250 a month), or R29.19 per hour, while cashiers earn slightly more (R1,382.40 per week).

Salary data for the industry showed that generally petrol attendants earn just above this minimum wage at R5,600 a month, going as high as R8,000 a month in some cases.

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This is how much petrol attendants get tipped in South Africa