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Gordhan joins growing revolt against the Guptas

Gordhan joins growing revolt against the Guptas

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan is taking on the Gupta family, along with the SABC, according to a report in the Sunday Times.

The paper reported that Gordhan has cancelled the Gupta-owned New Age newspaper’s post-budget breakfast briefing, which was due to take place this week.

The report stated that the minister will also ask the National Treasury to scrutinise coal-supply contracts awarded by Eskom, including those held by the Guptas.

“This bucks the trend of cabinet ministers meekly bowing to the Gupta family’s demands,” said the Sunday Times, and highlights a growing revolt within the ruling party against the perceived influence the Guptas have on Zuma.

New Age briefings a money-spinner

According to the report, the New Age breakfasts are a “regular money-spinner for the newspaper”, and are often attended by government ministers, heads of state owned enterprises, and President Jacob Zuma.

The Sunday Times stated that Gordhan’s office told the SABC he would only appear at the breakfast briefing if the Gupta-owned newspaper was not involved.

“The move is said to have angered SABC chief operations officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng, who has requested a meeting with Gordhan and Treasury director-general Lungisa Fuzile.”

New Age breakfast briefings have made headlines in the past, with companies like Telkom and Transnet paying at least R1 million to sponsor the events.

In 2013, then Gauteng premier Nomvula Mokonyane reportedly paid close to R700,000 to speak at one of the events.

Coal deals to be investigated

According to a source in the Treasury, an Eskom coal-supply probe will also soon take place – with the Guptas the main target.

“We are going to look at every contract there, especially those where the parastatal did not follow proper procurement processes,” the source told the Sunday Times.

Gupta-linked Tegeta Resources and Exploration is buying Optimum mine from Glencore. It provides coal to Eskom’s Arnot power station, stated the Sunday Times.

“Gordhan’s stance highlights a growing revolt within the ruling party against the perceived influence the Guptas have on Zuma and his cabinet.”

The full report is in the Sunday Times of 21 February 2016.

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  • Joe Soap

    Now this is revolutionary.

  • DeepFriedBunny

    this and that other guy plotting….this is looking great.

    Now who can we trust to lead the ANC and remove all the filth? nobody but this guy… he stood up for us and the country and was removed for it…

    • Eddie Lennox

      Here’s hoping he can survive the ” Knight with the Long Knife ” ……

  • Dot

    Mr. Gordhan, well done its about time you fought for South Africa, regarding the Gupta’s we are all behind you, join the DA and our
    day will be wonderful!!!

    • Dale

      Da hadin gota my juice back

  • Scum_Bag_Zuma

    Excellent, …… AIDS Shower Boy Zuma obviously no longer has the finance ministers reigns in his hands.

  • James Dean

    Jumping the ANC pirate ship will make it more credible.

  • se-aramo

    great! It’s a pity that an organisation that fought against nepotism and puppets of the apartheid government is turned into an exact replica of that.

  • Steady_b2k

    Go Pravin Gordhan Go! Go for jugular veins.

    Why don’t these Guptas call Zuma personally and demand the removal of Minister Gordhan like how they have previously done with other ministers or anyone that got in their gluttony way. We are behind you 100% Minster Gordhan.

  • the-TRUTH

    It’s apparent that Hlaudi Motsoeneng thinks he is above the laws and regulations of the country. Frankly, this useless SABC must cut costs by unsubscribing from the New Age; and so should all government departments stop buying unnewsworthy New Age newspaper – this includes ACSA. Stop wasting our taxes on the New Age newspaper…

  • mjomane

    Good work Gordhan, seems like we can save the ANC. I mean he’s not gonna fire another finance minister. He’s not that stupid.

    • daniel

      It’s not about saving te ANC, it’s about saving South Africa from the ANC and the Guptas.

  • Magic Mushroom

    Eish…. he’s not going to last very long when he swears like that?

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