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E-tolls not going anywhere: transport minister

E-tolls not going anywhere: transport minister

Although the government appreciates the financial challenges some motorists face, e-tolls are here to stay, said Transport Minister Dipuo Peters.

Briefing the media ahead of her department’s budget vote on Tuesday at parliament, Peters said the 201km Gauteng Freeway Project is already congested and the province, as the economic hub of South Africa, will require more new roads.

“Government has already created space for public transport operators not to pay e-toll and concessions have been given to deserving cases. We’ve also spent more than R1bn in creating alternative roads in Gauteng,” Peters said, adding that South Africans know there is a “user pays” principle and this policy needs to be implemented.

“We need good quality roads, otherwise people will say they have to drive on what’s left of the road and not on the left of the road.”

Peters said 86% of the budget of the South African National Road Agency Limited (Sanral) comes from the fiscus, while the remaining 14% is the toll component of the budget.

“Through Sanral we continue to fund, manage and maintain our national road network, both tolled and non-tolled. However, this is not sustainable and a public discussion on the issue of roads infrastructure through ‘user pay’ principles and other means, like tolling, need to take place,” Peters said.

For the 2016 to 2017 financial year, the department of transport will allocate R24.5 billion towards road transport, R11.7 billion for public transport and R19bn for rail transport.

Peters expects the 580 new trains, which are being built at the Gibela factory in Nigel, to be ready by October this year. “These massive investments into rail infrastructure will ensure we achieve our objective of providing our people with efficient and effective passenger rail services that meet the demand of our people,” she said.


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  • CharlieTango

    Still not paying so take your e-tolls and put it where the sun don’t shine.

  • RJ

    You can let them stay if you want, still nobody will pay apart from the dumb ones.

  • Charl van der Merwe

    don’t care, still not paying.

  • Mugabeisikulufa iAfrikanotso G

    We’ve paid for this already. So you can take your user pays argument to the TV license office, they know the answer you seek.

    And your statement is partially correct, but you left out a word.

    Etoll payments, are going nowhere. Now at least your statement would hold some truth!

    Extracting blood from a stone would be an easier task than what you are lining yourself up for.

  • observer111

    Most people have LOL bills that they couldn’t pay even if they wanted to. This is going to end badly.

  • CRM083

    “Although the government appreciates the financial challenges some motorists face…”

    Are you crazy? What is it that the government actually understands? That the taxpayer is the cash-cow that feeds their greedy stomachs that keep expanding by the day?

  • observer111

    OK that’s really weird. I posted a comment, it appeared. Then I edited it with a link from BT itself, a relevant article showing how flat broke SA’s are and that etolls are not going to get paid as a result. Now the original comment is gone? Huh? I don’t understand.

    • Laughing Leprechaun

      I was once caught like this. The trick is to edit web addresses otherwise they are rejected. E.g. www / site . name (dot) com. In this way its not recognised as a web address. To use/access the site just remove the excess spaces and brackets.

  • Umlazi

    and remember not to vote for the ANC next time…..

  • Clark Kent

    E-tolls are here to stay? Non-compliance is here to stay too. I guess opposites do attract after all.

  • norman cummins

    That’s the first true statement I’ve heard come out of Dipuo Peters’ mouth “E-tolls are not going anywhere”. Shame it took 28 months to sink in………………….

  • AgentMulders

    Really? R1 Billion spent on alternative roads? Where are these elusive alternative roads? There has been absolutely no work done on the R101, the most obvious alternative road. I call bullsh**, but what more would you expect from a Sanral puppet?

  • bengine

    “We need good quality roads, otherwise people will say they have to
    drive on what’s left of the road and not on the left of the road.”

    Most people like to be asked before they are screwed – when you figure that out you might stop trying to be funny and take the public seriously.

  • Jacques

    Oh foeck! She had nothing to say again!

  • JoeCitizen3

    Eeeisssh….Strong arm is the power…so can E-Tolls also be ousted out by the …people …. just like it seems the cANCer should have thought but seems impossible for the what seems a very corrupt party……Freedom of Speech.

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