‘When you have land you can hire white people’: Malema

 ·17 Jun 2016

Economic Freedom Fighters leader, Julius Malema, has claimed that Zimbabweans are more wealthy than black South Africans because they own land.

Speaking at a 40th anniversary celebration at the Risko Fakude stadium in Secunda on Thursday‚ Malema said: “They own their own land. You don’t own any land‚ you don’t even have title deeds. Your parents died without title deeds and your children will not have title deeds because black people don’t own any land.”

“Wealth is not what is in your bank account, being rich is to have the land. When you have land you can create jobs. You can even hire the children of white people.”

Malema said that South Africa would be boring without whites, adding that his party was not fighting them.

“We are not fighting against them‚ we are not fighting for them either. We are fighting for black people. Anyone who fights for white people is fighting for white people privilege.”

The EFF leader said that his party was fighting for poor people to have equal economic freedom.

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