South Africa to get new number plates in 2017

 ·10 Aug 2016

South Africa is set to receive new number plates in 2017, according to a report by MyBroadband.

New national number plates were first officially mentioned in a Department of Transport Notice on 28 January 2015.

The draft regulation amendments were opened to public comment at the time of their publication.

Arrive Alive stated at a recent conference that the new number plates are due in 2017 and that the plates must be renewed every five years.


What the new number plates looks like

The new number plates will be an embossed aluminium plate, with the background printed under a coat of a retro-reflective surface.

The plates will contain:

  • South African National Flag.
  • The word “GAUTENG” for the province of Gauteng, “LIMPOPO” for the province of Limpopo, and so on.
  • The sequential number shall be on the bottom left of the number plate.
  • SABS certification mark.
  • Four-dimensional barcode with the QR code that contains the registration number of the manufacturer of blank number plates.

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