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Anti-Zuma ministers threaten mass resignation following possible cabinet reshuffle: report

Anti-Zuma ministers threaten mass resignation following possible cabinet reshuffle: report

Anti-Zuma ministers have threatened to resign in mass numbers if president Jacob Zuma initiates a cabinet reshuffle that adversely affects National Treasury, according to the City Press.

The paper reported that its inside sources have said that a cabinet reshuffle will tear the ANC in two, with the prospect of a major split in the party now becoming ‘very real’.

Government officials have denied that Zuma will initiate a reshuffle, despite the time being perfect for one, with ANC MP Brian Molefe being hurriedly sworn in and former AU chair Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma returning to the fold.

According to the City Press, should Zuma shuffle ministers around and remove important figures from National Treasury, the anti-Zuma lobby, led by deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa, would resign from key portfolios, but would retain their membership to Parliament.

They would then initiate a vote of no confidence in Zuma, the report said.

This is not the first time that such threats have leaked out to the public however, with speculation in late 2016 that the anti-Zuma lobby would resign and launch a vote of no confidence after the party’s NEC, in which many of the president’s detractors in government made themselves known.

Nothing came of the rumours, however.

It has been floating around for some time that president Jacob Zuma is gearing up for a cabinet reshuffle, with some insiders saying that it could even happen on Sunday (26 February).

The move would be used as an opportunity to place Dlamini-Zuma in a prominent portfolio, to add credence to her bid for the ANC presidency, while also getting rid of the ministers who stood opposed to the president at the late-2016 NEC meeting.

It is understood that Zuma also wants to place fresh MP Brian Molefe somewhere within the finance ministry – possibly as deputy finance minister.

Zuma met with allies during a closed-door event at the Oyster Box hotel this week, further fueling speculation that a big move was imminent.

Apart from the possible political fallout, analysts have said that any adverse move on National Treasury, especially against finance minister Pravin Gordhan, will cause upset in the markets, and drive ratings agencies to cut the country to junk status almost immediately.

You can read the full report in the City Press for 26 February 2016.

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  • MelcolmX

    Good resign! Voetsak! Humba! F$#@ off! One way to initiate the process to overhaul this obsolete excuse of this pathetic government!

  • Ubaba meet Baba

    That would be wonderful! Talk about an all-in-one package deal in ejecting zumgupta inc from the ANC!

    To be honest, I think this is the only way that the old “good” ANC can survive and remain a top contender in politics.

  • OWL

    I’ll believe it when I see it!
    Zuma leaving Parliament with a set of handcuffs, all his thieving cronies following in line behind him, oh how we dream!

  • Oblate Onion

    Looks like he is cornered. No shuffle and he will soon enough find himself out of the circles of influence and into jail. Shuffle and there will be revolt. About the best that he can do is to just quietly disappear to another despot country before the courts catch up.

  • bengine

    Political maneuvering for the sake of self-enrichment of the few – and they are not even trying to hide the fact that their interests are inwardly focused with bugger all consideration for the country.

  • jacob

    Hello I am from kenya, and this little zuma bastard must be stopped. He is an uneducated nobody thinking he is untouchable with his chommies and fat family. This little zuma bastard must be stopped

  • jacob

    Greeting from kenya. How the hell does this idiot that has over 200+ court cases against him just walk around normally doing whatever the hell he wants? why is he not in jail yet with his chommies?

    • Scott Robinson

      As Al J Venter used to say in his documentaries during the ’80’s…”C’est l’Afrique.”

    • Brian

      That is an excellent question that nobody can fathom.

  • victory

    ZUMA’s game is now annoying

  • Thembeni

    *yawn* Will only believe it when I see it.

  • Raptor

    Gupta’s must be very happy. Just take all the money and get it over and done with this is the anc way…..

  • Lord Alfred Milner

    Playing right into Zuma’s hands by resigning.

  • the-TRUTH

    Those who want to defend corrupt ANComrades like Jacob Zuma and others, then these people are either corrupt themselves or are too blind to see the TRUTH…
    Let’s #VoteForChange in 2019 during national elections and during 2017 & 2018 by-elections. It’s time to #VoteOutANC from our government before they destroy our country. Sies!!!

  • baasted_123

    They must not resign. This is what the Guptas want.
    They must just put the motion of no confidence through and finally have the balls to break ranks and vote the scumbag out.

  • Hennie

    Will they have the balls to do it?

    • sara


  • Joe Black

    Nothing fresh about Molefe… His history stinks a bit to be honest. And so does the move to make him an MP.

    • john speck

      His Saxonworld shebeen stinks even more.

      • Joe Black

        I actually though shebeens around there would be posh affairs.

  • Riaan

    Not so fast man. Molefe didn’t even have time to update his LinkedIn profile yet.

  • Berghaan Botha

    Then why the *** do they always vote against all the motions of no confidence?

    Talk is cheap. Don’t resign, join the opposition. Any opposition. Only criminals and idiots are still part of the ANC.

  • Cynic Scepticism

    Somebody get that fat-head-good-for-nothing-waste-of-space-oxygen-thief a lead capsule and a glass of justice please…

  • AlienUndercover

    JZ, this will done to make sure that the looting goes on…The Gupta’s and their affiliates will get richer and the poor will get poorer…Radical transformation, keep on dreaming, SA…

  • Not a thing we can expect to have confirmed, except after the fact (if it really happens). However, one misstatement: If the prominent members resign their Cabinet positions, there is nothing against them being kicked out of parliament, where they serve as appointed tools of the governing party (aka the “Zuiptas”).

  • Erlo Muhl

    A clown in a circus can sometimes make you realy laugh

  • Jacobus Pienaars

    ANC is as dead as the NP was around 1988. The end is near.

  • Helderberg Helderberg

    All good ANC MP’s and Cabinet members just make the decision and stand together by putting through a vote of no confidence to remove this Dictator before its to late. If you keep carrying on with him he will think he is untouchable and have the upper-hand. Just do it for the sake of all citizens of this country. Please. You will do yourselves a favour.

  • L BS

    Oyster Box Hotel, Presidential suite – R50 000 p.n.! Very nice.

  • TechieIT

    All you people are so pathetic, is the ANC so powerful that it disturbs you so much and it bothers you so much, leave the ANC’s affairs to the ANC and it’s Members, let us worry about the ANC, We love and respect the ANC, you have no business in the ANC, this site is pathetic too, a breeding ground for racists, don’t you have other positive news to talk about, this thing about what the ANC did and did not do is very much boring and it can only come from racists, if his was My territory I would fire the one responsible for this.

    You will just keep on wishing and it will remain wishes, we know what racists are trying to do, they lie about the ANC, they are trying to devide us but you won’t succeed, concentrate on your racist da, poor Black People that can’t see that, da using Blacks and putting them as its fronts.

    We won’t forget what you did because you are still doing it.

    Comment racists, delete My post racists, I won’t be surprised.


    • L BS

      Tsk, tsk, tsk, one can only feel VERY sorry for you, shame.

    • BD

      Sounds like you are the first one who should fall…racist!

    • OWL

      POST 3:
      Techie-IT, if the ANC were using YOUR money,as an ANC supporter/member, I would GLADLY follow your advice.
      They are not, they are the party afforded the responsibility by the people of this country, MANY not ANC members or supporters, to govern the country to the letter of the law, as written in the Constitution of this country. They are looting the money of the people of this country, NOT their own, or yours.
      YOUR childish rant is what is truly pathetic here,because clearly you are clueless as to the impact that the thieving, lying, corrupt and GIGGLING criminal and all his thieving,disgusting clansmen and -women are doing to EVERYONE in the country. More so, that they are doing it in the names and on the graves of all of those who died for a different life.
      So beyond being pathetic, you are responsible for the moral demise of the ANC, as you defend what Zuma stands for, on here.
      The racism card has expired, you are not fooling anyone. Zuma has exposed himself in all his criminal glory.

    • L BS

      And don’t you forget that your wonderful ANC is using OUR hard earned tax money to do everything except what they should be doing, delivering a good service to the Country’s people! So don’t you come along and tell us to leave the ANC’s affairs to the ANC and it’s members. WE as citizens of the country has more say than simply being members, WE are keeping their bread buttered!

    • Brian

      Just like a mushroom you live in the dark while the ANC feeds you s**t. Your definition of racist is also confused. So if we realise the zANC is destroying SA we are racists?? Seems to me you might be the racist trying to defend the indefensible zANC. We were very happy when Mandela led the party, not so much anymore. Wake up and see the light!

  • Teresa Williams

    A mass resignation would make things worse – it would allow Zuma to appoint even more Gupta acolytes as MPs.

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