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Watch: Powerful image captures SA political parties united against Zuma

Watch: Powerful image captures SA political parties united against Zuma

Thousands of marchers gathered in Pretoria’s Church Square on Wednesday, as various political parties marched to the Union Buildings to call for President Jacob Zuma to step down.

Economic Freedom Fighters members, dressed in red T-shirts and their signature berets, held up sticks and placards, singing struggle songs.

A sea of blue also descended on Church Square, as scores of Democratic Alliance supporters arrived.

The growing crowd of predominantly EFF members were joined by members of the African People’s Convention (APC) party, donning their green T-shirts and scarves.

APC leader Themba Godi, who had previously opposed opposition parties’ motions of no confidence in Zuma, was also at the march, and told News24 that he was now involved because the situation had worsened.

Cope leader Mosioua Lekota was also among the crowd, saying it was “the first time in South Africa were opposition parties united saying Zuma must go”.

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He said that under former presidents Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, ANC MPs were allowed to follow their conscience.

One image in particular, captured by the EFF, revealed the spirit of the march, recorded by the political party on its Twitter account.

Hand in hand, South Africa is united on the premise that ! is a bold declaration in the face of kleptocracy!

On Friday, thousands of South Africans marched and held pickets in order to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with Zuma as the country’s president.

The rallies were sparked by Zuma’s decision to reshuffle his Cabinet, which saw Pravin Gordhan axed as finance minister.

In the days following his Cabinet reshuffle, three of the ANC’s top six claimed there was no consultation with the party over the decision, with ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe claiming that the list of new ministers and their deputies was compiled elsewhere.

SA has also been downgraded to junk status by two credit ratings agencies since Zuma announced the changes, with some economists fearing that the country is headed for another downgrade.

The president has been dogged by allegations that his close associates, the Gupta family, have undue influence over state-owned enterprises and certain key decisions he has made, including the hiring and firing of members of the national executive.

The wave of protests comes on the back of a pending motion of no confidence debate against Zuma in the National Assembly, with opposition parties calling for ANC MPs to vote with their conscience, and not according to the party line.

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  • InReality

    Thank you Zuma. With just one shuffle you have united South Africa in a way no other politician could have ever dreamt of.

    • DumbSA

      AGREED! Let’s be united! Let’s get this filth out of office so we can get our country and all its people back on a path to prosperity.

    • tiredofthis$#!7

      Well, 11 shuffles later.

      https://www . businesslive . co . za/bd/national/2017-03-31-zumas-11-cabinet-reshuffles-all-the-graphic-details/

  • chunk

    Look at all those racists, sies.

    • Skerminkel

      Racists, racists everywhere!

    • Boycott Gupta

      My sentiments exactly!

    • The_Real_CRM083

      Are u looking in the mirror?

      • chunk

        Are you being for reals?

        • The_Real_CRM083

          I entirely missed the context. I humble myself.

          • Scott

            Respect, this is what we need more of in our beautiful country, if people make a mistake, accept it, apologise and move on united to make our country better for everyone. Not people looking for scapegoats to try and justify their mistake. Big up brother.

      • Ga77a

        I believe that the OP made a witty repartee in reference to jz’s comments post the rallies last week.

        • The_Real_CRM083

          Oh?My bad. I apologise

    • bengine

      white are you talking about, go black to sleep

  • OWL

    Something achieved, in the Zupta-era.

  • James Dean

    In the video I see a single political party against the racist ANC!

    You’re all selling us the same thing right? Security, jobs and service delivery… so put your differences aside and unite as one.

  • Lupe

    beautiful picture

    • WillemDev

      yes, we CAN stand together!

  • LegallySpeaking

    Strange to see so many grown men holding hands…but I do approve.

  • Irfaan Mohamed

    I think all opposition parties should dissolve into one main party and have all their representatives given a equal chance to speak etc . It’ll bring more Unity

    • mikeh

      unfortunately not possible as ideologies too different , but very happy to see a united opposition against a very specific enemy of the state. powerful.

    • Michael Lewis

      I think that is a terrible idea. 2 party politics is what the yanks have, no thanks.

  • Maurice

    Not a single ANC member. Unsurprising!

    • JJ

      They are there… just “undercover” :))

  • Niknaks

    The only good thing Zupta has done! Given a face to a common enemy.
    2019 Is the end for ANC.

    • Roelf Van Der Merwe

      I hope so, but I dont know if that’s true 🙁
      The mindless masses are still behind the ANC and they will still vote ANC, no matter what happens.

  • RealParanoidAndroid

    Thank you ANC, Come again!

  • Wayne

    If you look carefully, you can see the white monopoly capital peeking over the shoulder of one of the SACP members.

    • Konstabel Koekemoer

      He he he

  • Ironically all the colours of the opposition evoke the image of a rainbow nation. Maybe there’s hope yet.

  • StangV2_0

    Zuma will have something to say.. wait for it..

    • Wurnman

      Yeah, it’s a racist white colonial march or something like that.

    • TiredOfTheBS

      All those (black) racists!

  • victory

    Be patient Hawks boss Burning Ntlemeza step down , Zuma will follow

  • David Carman

    Please release a high resolution jpeg of your headline picture. It is a national treasure.

  • YouThinkTheDarknessIsYourAlly

    some will say this is racist (-_-)

  • Jeff Jones

    All those Racists Sies Man …..

    Zuma is not only self absorbed in himself he is also colour blind

  • EternityZA

    The March was not only impressive due to it’s size and diversity, but in it’s behaviour. I have seen no reports of violence or looting at all. This show just how determined and restrained everyone involved is to met their shared goal.

    I doubt this will last forever though. If Zuma doesn’t leave then some peaceful protesters will feel they have no other options in their frustration. Maybe that is what they want. They did send the “MK” vets out last week excepting as much. Perhaps for Zuma war is a threat he and the loyal (cattle) ANC feels he can overcome better

  • Jeff Jones

    Zuma is clearly colour blind and a big racist

  • Selwyn

    A sad part of social media is that it is fast. So, pause for just one moment and:
    ONE- give a moments silence to honour Khatrada. He served SA well in Life AND also had a glory moment in Death. With respect to Barbara Hogan: Your beloved passed at a critical juncture in the life of South Africa. His whole life reached a moment of fulfilment by uniting SA with more verve and passion than in 1994. May this small moment be of comfort to you and you family….and may SA never forget him.
    TWO. Where are you hiding Mr President? At Galhager Estate with more bodyguards than Oblama,or hiding at a birthday party in Kliptown with your cronies. Two things come to mind, one was many many years ago about another idiotic leader– you may remember him–He fiddled while Rome burned. his name was NERO!!!The other was your ANC women’s league. I don’t know why ,but the first thing that came to mind seeing all those obese fatties wobbling in unison to your moves, all who have long forgotten KWESI–sies!!! Yes many people will not forget Kwesi. Thanks to ZAPIRO for rereminding us of Kwesi and the raping of our country.!!!!!!!

    And then my dear president, where were all the rasict posters you mentioned?????????. I looked at all the marchers, all the gatherings. in Church Square, in front of Parliament. in the streets. like Beyers Naude, and Main Rd and Oxford St and Long street .etc etc NOT ONE rascist poster!!!. NIKS,!!!! NOTHING!!! NADA!!!!! You lied again!!! I will repeat you lied again!, and you cant repair anything. from broken assets to broken promises.Ans you have cost SA billions,maybe trillions! LOOK:
    SAA – Broke, Prassa – Broken, PO — Broke, Hawks — Broken, Education — broken, Navy broken, ( do any subs work?) SA finances — Broken etc etc etc.
    Just think how many school, houses hospitals could have been built –that is lost jobs!!
    Just think how many nurses, teachers, policemen/women could have been trained. More jobs, more safety and more knowledge and more well being. ALL gone!!!!!

    Chaila tsotie chaila!!!! Hamba Zupta Hamba!!!

    • Jaapman

      I’m almost sorry for the man. He could have headed for his grave a famous and beloved president, but one day, when he’s long gone, dead and buried, all the money gone, spent, wasted, vanished into all those little Zumas and the Guptas’ pockets, Zuma’s memory will stay tainted with epithets like skollie, tsotsi, thief. And he brought it all upon himself.

  • ChrisB

    Oh, headline writers…

    “Powerful Image” Blah blah blah… It was a great protest, but to be perfectly objective about it, it’s just another mass rally in a country where we have literally hundreds of mass rallies *EVERY YEAR*. So multiplied by 23 years, just another drop in the bucket. Some drops are bigger than others but I don’t see Zuma having any more reaction to this than “heh heh heh heh heeeeeehhhhh…: like after “nKAAAAAAAANdla”. Effin dooos.

  • Shane Naidoo

    With all the wrongs, Zuma has managed to succeed in one thing, something that no one else has managed to accomplish, that is to create a United SA….Thank You Zuma…You will be remembered for this…

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