IEC investigating allegations of double-voting

The IEC has said that it is aware of two separate instances in which it is alleged that voters were able to cast more than one vote at different voting stations.

In a press conference shortly before midnight on Wednesday (8 May), the Electoral Commission said that it viewed the allegations in a serious light and had already launched investigations into the incidents.

“Fortunately, the election process contains a number of checks and safeguards which together serve to protect the integrity of the process,” it said.

“As part of the process of finalising the results of the elections, the Commission will assess data from scanners, VEC 4 forms (used when voters vote outside their voting districts) and the voters’ roll to identify potential risks.

“Where evidence is found to support electoral fraud, the Electoral Commission will firstly quarantine the results of the affected voting districts and secondly will pursue criminal charges against the perpetrators.”

Final results from South Africa’s sixth post-apartheid national and provincial elections, are set to be released by 11 May.

Results of the ballot counting at 22,924 polling stations will be posted at the buildings and scanned onto the Independent Electoral Commission’s computer system.

They will then be audited before being transmitted to national and provincial centers that collate and publish.

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IEC investigating allegations of double-voting