South Africans love Home Affairs for its effectiveness, says Motsoaledi

 ·20 Mar 2024

Home Affairs Minister says his department is “generally praised for its effectiveness”, and the data collected by the department is evidence of this.

In a recent parliamentary Q&A, the Minister of Home Affairs, Aaron Motsoaledi, was asked whether his department had solved the problem of long queues and denial of service on reaching the counter after a long time in the queue.

The question also included an inquiry into his findings on citizen satisfaction with the service provided by his department.

In response, Motsoaledi said customer satisfaction and waiting times are constantly monitored across all DHA branches and noted the average waiting time inside an office is reasonably quick, albeit with some caveats.

The minister referenced the Home Affairs Customer Satisfaction Survey for 2022/23, which found a general improvement in queue management, with an increase in the scores across the different customer interaction points.

Motsoaledi noted that the average waiting period for various services is:

  • 7 minutes for pre-booked services;
  • 10 minutes for birth, marriage, and death services; and
  • 15 minutes for walk-in services.

He said that the Customer Satisfaction Score for each service channel was generally high, with scores above 70%, adding that DHA was generally praised for its effectiveness.

The majority of respondents (82%) were DHA promoters whilst 6% were detractors, giving a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 76%. The higher the NPS, the healthier the brand,” he said.

Those who would recommend were captured as promoters, and those neutral would be passives, whilst those who would not recommend would be detractors.

Despite the good, the minister did note some challenges flagged by “the minority” of customers.

The main reasons mentioned by the minority that would not recommend DHA across all customer segments were poor customer service, slow customer service, and lousy staff attitude.

Motsoaledi agreed that the friendliness of Home Affairs officials was highlighted as the most significant challenge, while admitting that there were still complaints of waiting in unmanaged queues for long hours and the inability of staff to resolve queries or treat customers fairly.

Regarding the department’s online performance, the minister said that overall, the DHA online processes were rated relatively high.

However, lack of speed, particularly regarding receiving documents and the payment process, emerged as the most popular barrier to online service excellence.

Considering this, the minister added that recommendations provided in the survey’s report are currently being implemented to address the lingering issues identified.

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