Buy or sell a used phone without getting screwed

 ·28 Nov 2017

Phonetradr gives you a truly market related value – using a handy price slider that you can adjust, based on make, model, capacity, condition, your own sense of urgency, and more.

Bottom line? You control the final sales price of your used phone, and the sale is guaranteed risk-free because Phonetradr handles the whole process.

Once your phone is sold, Phonetradr collects and checks your phone.

The buyer pays in full before delivery and Phonetradr even gives the buyer a full 1-year warranty, so no-one bothers you if it dies within a day.

Not your problem.

Get your money

Receive guaranteed payment into your bank account within two days of the sale. No surprises.

Selling your used phone on Phonetradr gives you the highest price with none of the usual difficulties.

But don’t wait too long, because every time a new phone comes out, your current one decreases in value.

Visit now to see what your phone is worth.

More Benefits:

  • 1-year warranty
  • Credit facilities
  • Free repair voucher
  • Online technical support
  • Anytime cancellation

 Using Phonetradr is easy:

Get your used smartphone valued based on:


With every phone purchase we include a Free Repair Voucher.

It’s simple if you drop your phone and need to have the screen repaired, your voucher gives you up to R2000 discount on the repair.

Why use Phonetradr?

  • Competitive pricing: Phonetradr’s online valuation is a solid indicator of a phone’s market value, offering competitive returns for sellers and peace of mind for buyers.
  • Warranty & repair vouchers: Every phone purchased on Phonetradr comes with a 1-year warranty and a free repair voucher valued at up to R2 000 for an accidental screen damage repair.
  • Secure transactions: Whether you’re selling or buying, Phonetradr ensures easy, safe and secure transactions. Purchase with credit card, EFT or even on credit.
  • Certified & guaranteed: The 45-point quality check, warranty, and value-adding offers assist Phonetradr in offering buyers a reliable, credible, secure platform.
  • Free instant valuation: Go to, click the Sell now button and get an instant valuation based on the make, model, capacity and condition of your smartphone.
  • Free collection & delivery: You don’t have to leave your chair when using Phonetradr, which collects and delivers your phone to the new buyer, when you’re ready and able to let it go.
  • Flexible listings: Whether you still using the phone you want to sell or if it’s just lying around gathering dust there is a listing option for you.

For more information, call +27 10 140 6470 or visit

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