Reshaping technology with VMware – in a nutshell

VMware has always stood at the forefront of creating technology that will change the world of computing as we know it. The company continues to innovate – so what’s new from VMware?

VMware is currently creating a framework designed to extend the VMware hybrid and multi-cloud environments to the edge. Edge computing and IoT is becoming more widely used with more and more devices needing greater levels of computing at the edge. This, of course, needs to be secure, well managed and automated.

By simplifying edge and IoT infrastructure, customers will be able to extend hybrid cloud and run apps on any number of platforms. Securing, scaling and managing edge compute and IoT end points becomes simpler and faster so that efficiency is greatly improved.

VMware is also introducing vSphere Platinum Edition, which is tailored to protect customer applications and infrastructure. In addition, it is also releasing a new version of vSAN to help with HCI adoption as well as new updates which have become available across its vRealize cloud management platform.

In August, VMware announced that it had begun to work alongside Amazon Web Services, Inc, with Amazon Relational Database Services (Amazon RDS) now available on VMware. This streamlines and automates database management and supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MariaDB databases.

Amazon RDS on VMware manages databases from ground to cloud. This means that access to AWS is enabled through a single straightforward interface. From there, database provisioning is automated, making patching,  backup, point-in-time restore, storage and compute scaling, instance health monitoring, and failover easy to handle and effortless.

With so much attention recently placed on cloud, VMware has introduced its latest innovations to the VMware Cloud Provider platform to enable partners to release a VMware based software-define datacentre that is specifically built to spec for partners. This assists partners to increase their VMware Cloud infrastructure while at the same time maintaining consistent multi-cloud operations.

Cloud standardisation is the goal, which is realised through the new VMware Cloud Provider Pod, VMware vCloud Director 9.5, VMware vCloud Availability for Cloud-to-Cloud DR, and VMware vCloud Usage Insight. With a single click, partners are able to engage automated deployment, management and reporting – which all goes to individualise and monetise VMware-based clouds.

VMware remains a pivotal force in the IT and business sphere which is successfully reshaping the world of IT. The future indeed looks bright with the advent of IoT, machine learning, AI and cloud, we have truly stepped into the technology revolution of the 21st Century.

For more information please visit the VMware website.

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Reshaping technology with VMware – in a nutshell