Move your telecoms to the cloud with Telviva

Connection Telecom’s Cloud PBX service, Telviva, makes it easy and affordable for businesses to move their telecoms services to the cloud, saving them thousands of rand and providing a host of benefits.

Its cloud products remove the need for your business to buy, install, and maintain any PBX equipment – while the hosted solution also ensures all software is updated automatically.

What this means for businesses is excellent security and the latest features, without them having to lift a finger.

Combined with Connection Telecom’s VOIPconnect product, your company can enjoy a fast and reliable voice service at much lower prices than traditional voice products.

An even bigger benefit is that all inter-company and inter-community calls are free, which translates into a huge cost saving.

Companies have two main options when moving their telecoms operations to the cloud:

  • Hosted solution – Your telecoms infrastructure is housed with your telecommunications service provider and you use it on a contract basis. It’s updated automatically and is cost effective, as you only pay for what you use.
  • Private cloud – This is the best option for companies who prefer to keep their communications infrastructure within their own technical environment.

Whether you need a hosted solution, a private cloud service, or a hybrid model, Connection Telecom is the best company to meet your needs.

To find out more about how to move your company’s telecoms services to the cloud, visit Connection Telecom’s website.

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Move your telecoms to the cloud with Telviva