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The best company to build your business website and mobile apps

Many South African businesses want to improve their website or launch Android and iOS apps, but do not have the in-house skills to make it happen. This is exactly where Codehesion can help.

Codehesion is one of South Africa’s top website and mobile app development companies and specialises in building world-class Android and iOS apps and websites.

South African focus

Codehesion focuses on delivering world-class websites, and Android and iOS apps to South African companies – a strategy which is paying off.

Codehesion CEO Hector Beyers said to date they have had a 100% success rate with their website and mobile app projects thanks to their specialisation.

“By focusing only on mobile app and website development we can acquire specialised skills and ensure we have the best people in this field,” said Beyers.

This strategy has been so successful that Codehesion had to double the size of its company in 2019 to cope with demand.

“Despite our rapid growth we continue to offer individual service and excellent support to ensure we maintain our 100% satisfaction rate,” said Beyers.

For more information on what Codehesion can offer your company and for a free consultation, visit Codehesion’s website.

This article was published in partnership with Codehesion.

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The best company to build your business website and mobile apps