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The best place to find excellent fibre deals in South Africa

If you are looking for a great fibre deal, then your first stop should be Fibre Compare.

With fibre being such a hot product right now, all the Internet service providers are spending a lot of money on advertising to grab your attention, but choosing the right package is not always that easy as everyone claims to be the best or the most affordable.

Fibre Compare takes the complexity out of looking for the best fibre package by putting all the information you need in once place – its website.

The site contains all the information you need to pick the perfect fibre package, and users simply:

  1. Enter their physical address on the national coverage map to see which fibre network provider covers their area.
  2. View the fibre ISP packages available to them and compare options.
  3. Select the package which suits them best, and place their order.

Getting a fibre package

“Fibre is not an easy thing to shop for as there are so many independent fibre network operators who have put cable in the ground all over South Africa,” said Fibre Compare.

“There is no easy way to tell who has installed fibre in your area and which service providers are selling packages on that network.”

Another layer of complexity for consumers is that once they find a suitable fibre package, it is available at different prices from different ISPs.

This makes Fibre Compare an excellent recourse for users, as all these elements can be compared from a single place.

“Fibre Compare has taken the coverage maps of every major fibre operator and overlaid these maps into one convenient map with national coverage. We have also overlaid this with all the ISPs that sell services on those networks, along with their pricing and once-off costs,” said the company.

“In a nutshell, no matter where you are in South Africa, you can drop your pin or enter an address and get all fibre options available to you within seconds.”

To find out more, visit the Fibre Compare website.

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The best place to find excellent fibre deals in South Africa