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FNB scoops international Data Anywhere Award in New York

First National Bank (FNB) has won the Data Anywhere Award at the Data Impact Awards Celebration in New York City. The Data Impact Awards recognise organisations’ data success and recognises the best of the best organisations, leaders of industry and creators of innovative solutions leveraging their platform in the industry.

Winning this award is a great feat for the bank, as it recognises the brand as a global platform player in the industry. “FNB has expanded its leadership position through scaled and trusted data-rich platforms, which has been enabled through ongoing banking and customer relationships. Our platform focus has helped us increase our leverage of big data toolsets with the efficient use of technology, which has helped customers navigate their financial journey simply and easily,” says Jacques Celliers, FNB CEO.

The Data Anywhere Category recognises organisations that have modernised their data architecture, innovatively optimising their infrastructure to unlock value from any data, anywhere—on-premises or across hybrid and multiple public clouds.

The teams innovative Data Reservoir helped break down silos across the 40+ business units within our conglomerate is a big achievement. Since implementation FNB has seen substantial saving over three years by offloading from their legacy data warehouse. The data and analytics platform transformation initiative enabled the business to better understand our customers by providing them with a better banking experience, thus allowing our customers to administer real-time loans and credit scoring to customers through the FNB Banking app.

Newly launched Data platforms like the nav» solution (nav-igate life) has helped customers enable and improve their financial wellbeing. “The recently launched nav» Money, is one such solution which has helped put the customer at the centre, and at the same time created a platform for financial inclusion.

In a short period of time nav» Money on the FNB Banking App has seen 420K unique users. It has already resulted in 24 600 users improving their credit status and 32 500 users starting or increasing their savings,” says Celliers.

The Data Reservoir has enabled the bank to design innovations that form part of our strategy which ensures that we continuously provide market-leading digital platforms that deliver cost-effective and innovative propositions to our customers.

“This combined with deep customer relationships and sophisticated data analytics are used to effectively cross-sell and up-sell a broad range of relevant financial services products. Ensuring that we live our purpose of being a trusted partner helping to create better world, by providing an innovative, contextual financial services platform is at the core to what we do,” concludes Celliers.

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FNB scoops international Data Anywhere Award in New York