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Make money in the stock market with Mexem

One of the most effective ways of building a strong financial portfolio is by trading online

The digital era has made trading online significantly more accessible to the average person, as they can now access data and make trades from the comfort of their own home.

In fact, many people now make a living exclusively off investing in shares – forgoing the entire process of trading through brokers to save on exorbitant fees.

Mexem – Your premier online trading platform

Mexem offers South Africans a quick and easy way to trade online without having to go through a broker.

Their online trading website acts as an intermediary for the US’ largest online stock trading platform – Interactive Brokers. This proves that they are a reputable trading platform and offer a fantastic user experience.

All clients’ funds are also regulated by various international bodies, such as the American SEC, FINRA, NFC, and CYsec.

This is because Mexem takes customer safety and security incredibly seriously, particularly in terms of the protection of the funds they use to trade online.

Save money

Mexem doesn’t charge you any management fees, which makes trading online with them vastly more affordable option than operating through a broker. Every cent you save counts towards your portfolio earnings, so essentially you will get a head start.

Mexem’s trading fees are also substantially lower than their competitors, while the minimum commission figure is a fraction of those listed by other entities.

See the table below for more details on how you much money you can save by trading online with Mexem.

Trading fees across various platforms for retail clients trading in the US market
Platform Commission per trade Minimum commission (USD)
FNB 0.35% of value 20
Old Mutual 0.35% of value 20
ABSA 0.25% of value 20
Standard Bank $6c per share 20
Sanlam $3c per share 20
Saxo $2c per share 15
Mexem (clients with <USD 5000) $3c per share 3.5
Mexem (clients with >USD 5000) $1c per share 1

Try out Mexem

Mexem is the obvious choice for those looking to trade online due to its position within the industry, relationship with Interactive Brokers, and significantly cheaper trading fees.

Try out their platform today to start making money.

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Make money in the stock market with Mexem