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There is one thing these companies have in common

Many of South Africa’s top companies have moved their telecoms services to South Africa’s leading cloud communications provider – Connection Telecom.

Connection Telecom offers South African businesses the latest voice and Internet products at affordable prices.

What sets the company apart from its competitors is its comprehensive range of cloud communications products and its exceptional customer service.

As part of its portfolio Connection Telecom offers companies cloud PBX, VoIP, video conferencing, and real-time instant messaging solutions.

By providing companies with a single solution to serve all their communication needs, the value proposition from Connection Telecom is tough to beat.

It is this excellent value proposition which convinced companies like Edcon and Servest to move their telecoms services to Connection Telecom.

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Why Cloud Communications is better

Cloud services offer companies many benefits over traditional telecommunications services, including cost savings, voice authentication, transcription, and sentiment analysis.

While a traditional landline and PBX system may serve a company’s voice needs, it should be seen as a horse-and-cart in today’s communications world.

Cloud communications opens a new world to businesses by offering them a platform which integrates with their everyday applications and business processes.

Because modern communications platforms reside in the cloud they also enable employees to stay connected and access information wherever they are.

An increase in productivity through tools like voice and video conferencing, messaging, and voice transcription with sentiment analysis – which can integrate with CRM tools – also takes place.

To see what the company can do for your business, visit the Connection Telecom website.

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There is one thing these companies have in common