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AgendaWorx – A smart and secure digital meeting solution

A digital meeting solution like AgendaWorx is crucial to streamlining your meeting process.

AgendaWorx ensures your agenda packs are immediately available on all devices: no syncing required, and no software downloads, ever.

It works on all smartphones, tablets and computers.

What is also remarkably useful is that you can view action items, check attendance and assign tasks to specific people, with automatic reminders sent by AgendaWorx.

Need to make changes to content? You can make changes to your meeting documents right up to the minute before the meeting.

And what’s more, you can prepare your minutes before your attendees have even left the meeting!

No internet? An offline version of the meeting pack is available in a printable format.

The home screen contains everything board members need to know about their meeting environment, and the system allows quick access to the latest meeting documents, minutes and a comprehensive library.

Now, for the first time, you will have access to all your meetings, past and present, at the click of a button.

You can make notes and comments and YOU choose whether to keep them private or share them with your fellow attendees.

You can book out documents to make changes while the system tracks and controls versions for you.

AgendaWorx also allows you to prioritise items so that you can focus on the most important matters first.

Keep your meetings interactive with voting polls at relevant items. And make minute-taking and record-keeping simple with the easy audio recording functionality.

You can also make annotations and sign documents directly on AgendaWorx.

AgendaWorx is also fully protected with individual password access for authorised users only. All the information on the system is encrypted.

But possibly the best feature of all, is how easy it is to use AgendaWorx.

AgendaWorx is undoubtedly the future of meeting management. It allows for better security and GREAT governance. It saves time and money, and it’s so much kinder to the environment.

Proudly South African

AgendaWorx is a proudly South African product, which is developed and supported locally and is trusted by start-ups and big businesses, including Momentum, Sanlam, Liberty, and a number of large retirement funds.

Contact AgendaWorx today to upgrade your meetings to the next level.

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AgendaWorx – A smart and secure digital meeting solution