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Transform your digital business systems with Managed Services

In South Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa in general, traditional enterprises are looking to transition into fully-fledged digital businesses.

George Stylianou, CEO of three6five, said that one of the most important reasons to become a true digital business is that it saves your company money.

“What we’ve seen is that many companies are becoming a lot more cost-conscious based on the economy not being where it should be.”

“This means they’re looking to Managed Service Providers to help improve their digital platforms and systems while also saving on costs,” said Stylianou.

“Our aim is to do both – to look at a business from a cost perspective and reduce the customers costs while also improving on their current service.”

Managed Service Providers (MSP) are preferred over in-house management by enterprises for a number of reasons, said Stylianou.

These include:

  • You have someone to hold accountable.
  • MSPs have dedicated expertise.
  • MSPs add another service layer to wrap around your system.
  • MSPs are more affordable than employing an in-house team.

Business and the cloud

Another significant factor that has seen many businesses use MSPs is the rise of the cloud revolution.

“Many customers and enterprises – small or large – used to run their own data centres, which were either in-house or operated on a larger scale,” said Stylianou.

“However, with the cloud revolution, we find that our customers are now looking to move their data centre services and applications onto the cloud – and part of that journey involves working alongside a Managed Service Provider.”

“MSPs can help these businesses use the cloud to be closer to their content.”


One MSP that stands out from the crowd is three6five.

One of their major selling points is technical prowess. This is because they were founded by engineers – meaning that having employees with high skill levels has always been the primary focus for the business.

According to Stylianou, if you compare three6five to its competition, you will find that three6five has a much better certifications-per-staff-member ratio than any of these other businesses.

Three6five’s staff are experts both in the technical elements of service provision, and on what enterprises need out of their digital platforms.

This results in them being expertly qualified to help businesses develop the right solution for their full range of specific needs.

This process is also helped by the fact that three6five works with numerous highly reputable vendors.

“This means we can give the best product to our clients rather than treating one vendor better based on relationships,” said Stylianou.

Software and security

Another key area where three6five stands out is how it always uses newer and safer software technologies to ensure that its customers are receiving the best possible service.

“We have a dedicated software team that handles the integration of new technologies and solutions either into new systems, or existing ones that we are optimising,” said Stylianou.

This software-focused mindset combines well with three6five’s security-centric approach to service management.

“Security and cybersecurity are great strengths of ours – we have our own cybersecurity team that is focused on regulations such as POPI and GDPR to ensure that our clients’ data is always safe.”

The client journey

Three6five uses a three-tier approach to build the perfect managed service strategy for its customers.

The core of any digital business is its network, so three6five begins by analysing the current network of the business to see if it needs to be replaced or improved.

“More content and services are being run and stored in the cloud and on the Internet, meaning customers require bigger links and connectivity services to reach the cloud,” said Stylianou.

This stage includes the consideration of a variety of possible network types – such as LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi and Enterprise Wi-Fi.

Next, secondary infrastructure will be implemented into the system – including security measures and a cloud system.

Finally, this infrastructure will be used to action the functional requirements and needs of the business.

As part of this comprehensive process, three6five will conduct an infrastructure audit which comprises a complete analysis of your systems.

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Transform your digital business systems with Managed Services