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Online vs TV vs Radio – The best way to spend your advertising budget

If you want the best return on your advertising spend, then going online must be your first choice.

This is because online advertising provides the best return on investment (ROI) for South African companies, as confirmed by Nielsen’s Advanced Analytics team.

In fact, online advertising is almost twice as powerful as TV advertising. It also easily outperforms Print, Cinema, Radio, and Billboard advertising.

The infographic below details the ROI various advertising channels give South African companies.

Nielsen Advanced Analytics
Nielsen Advanced Analytics

Online advertising delivers an ROI of R2.30 for every R1.00 spent.

In second place is Cinema advertising, with an ROI of R1.60, in third is Print at R1.35, and TV is in fourth with R1.30.

Out of Home (billboard) and Radio then deliver R1.25 and R0.85, respectively.

New digital-first approach

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing companies and people to adopt a digital-first approach to work and life, the power of online advertising is expected to increase.

More people are working remotely and constantly online, while businesses need to reach customers where they spend most of their time: in front of their smartphones and laptops.

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Online vs TV vs Radio – The best way to spend your advertising budget